Albertville Office

Ashley L. Garrett,

Ashley L. Garrett, LPC, ED.S., MS, RPT-S, NCC

A note from Ashley: As the Director of Garrett Counseling, my goal is to provide support for our counselors, helping them meet the needs of our community. My approach to supervision is the same as therapy: compassion, accessibility, and accountability. The therapeutic environment should be one where people can explore feelings, behaviors, and attitudes freely. I care about the details. I care about your counselor. I care about your child. I care about you.

Holly Hunter,

Holly Hunter, BS, Office Manager

Jacksonville Branch

Holly is a native of Jacksonville and earned a degree in Business Management from Jacksonville State University. She brings 14 years of management and customer service experience to our team at Garrett Counseling. Her organization and administrative skills help keep our office running smoothly and our team in sync. Holly is Mental Health First Aid certified. 

Lauren Williams,

Lauren Williams, BS, Referral Manager, Accounting

Jacksonville Branch

Lauren is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a degree in Accounting. She brings over 5 years of experience in accounting and office administration to our team at Garrett Counseling. Her skills in accounting and financial procedures are a great asset to our office management team. Lauren is Mental Health First Aid certified. 

Ginger Caudell,

Ginger Caudell, LPC, MS

Albertville Branch

A note from Ginger: During difficult times people often need help finding a way to get life back on track. I use concepts of Adlerian Psychology to encourage people to deal with unresolved issues then cognitive behavioral theories to build new, more successful paths to a better future. 

Arica Havis,

Arica Havis, ALC, MS

Albertville Branch

A note from Arica: Recognizing the connection between our thoughts and our emotions can help us better understand our actions and ways to simplify unhealthy actions that can keep us from thriving. Better behavioral management skills can increase the amount of successful adults in the future.

Samantha Kelley,

Samantha Kelley, LPC, ED.S., MS

Albertville Branch

A note from Samantha: In life, circumstances happen that can aggravate balance and cause chaos. Counseling can help bring back balance and stability. As a therapist, I believe in taking a hands on approach, working together with individuals, to identify problem areas and focus on solutions, utilizing coping mechanism to help solve problems.

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We are hiring for several salary-based mental health professional positions. These positions come with several benefits including vacation, retirement, and health benefits. ALC, LPC, or Clinical Psychologist licensure is required. Preference will be given to applicants with one or more years of experience and to providers with Blue Cross of Alabama and/or MHCA. Please provide an up to date resume and a letter of interest (include contracted insurance panels and overview of experience). Please email resume to