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Play Therapy with Adolescents

Connecting with adolescents and building a therapeutic alliance can be daunting for even a seasoned therapist. How can trust be established and a relationship built when an adolescent is reluctant to engage with a therapist? Play therapy is the answer! Play gives us an entry into the world of adolescents and enables us to connect with them in a fun and engaging way.

Most adolescents are not interested in talking directly about problems. They are often more receptive to attending therapy sessions when we use fun, playful activities and less direct questioning. Talk therapy uses the left side of the brain. Playful activities tap into the right

Do Custody Evaluations Benefit the Children, Protect their Mental Health, and Help the Family Move Forward?

While research regarding the benefits of custody evaluation is limited, we do know that the conflict and instability are harmful to a child’s wellbeing. Typically, custody evaluations are used when a solution can’t be reached and the child’s best interest is to have the best decision made as quickly as possible.

At Garrett Counseling, we developed a unique plan for custody evaluations based on our experience in the counseling field. Our approach to custody evaluations involves extensive time with the family, child, and all parties involved. Once we feel we have reviewed all of the information regarding the case, we will present a professional, thorough recommendation regarding custody. We will also appear at any court proceedings needed to present the recommendation.

So, why should a custody evaluation be considered for your case?

The Detriment of Divorce

Parental divorce is usually presents an increased risk for a range of psychological problems among the children involved. Divorce, depending on the outcome, has been linked to a 25-100% increase in the risk for extreme psychological difficulties. (1)

Divorce can increase depression and anxiety in all genders and ages. With that said, males will find parents’ divorce more disturbing than females. Males with divorced parents tend to be more depressed than males with two parent families - regardless of psychological adjustment, conflict levels, or quality of parenting. (2)

Benefits of Mediation

Studies have shown that nonresidential parents who went through mediation were much more likely to maintain contact with their children than those who did not go through mediation. In fact, 30% of nonresidential who mediated see their children once a week of more 12 years following the initial dispute (by comparison, only 9% of nonresidential parents who did not mediate see their children as often). Even greater, 54% of nonresidential parents who went through mediation speak to their children on the telephone once a week or more after 12 years (by comparison, 13% of nonresidential, non mediated speak to their children as often). (1)

At Garrett Counseling, we strongly believe in the benefits of mediation and custody evaluations. We would be honored to speak with you further about this service. Please contact us for additional information!


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Guest Blog: Mediation & Divorce

The greatest predictor of maladjustment, behavior issues, depression and anxiety in children is the level of conflict between their parents they are exposed to.



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Be A Voice

In the United States, slavery is not a matter of the past but continues in the modern day and is all around us. While most of us know and acknowledge that sex trafficking exists in other countries, many remain unaware that women, men, and children are being sold for sex in our nation, in our state, and yes, in our city. In my work with women rescued from sex slavery I mentored and counseled women rescued from other countries, other states, and our very own state. Women are trafficked throughout and sold for sex or labor all over our state from cities of lower SES to higher income cities such as Hoover and Mountain Brook. I’d like to take this time to bring awareness by sharing the facts, helping you learn the signs that someone is being trafficked, and advocate for the millions of adults and children who’ve been enslaved by this heinous crime. Please note that these numbers could actually be much higher, as many victims are never identified.


Guest Blog: Does My Preschooler Need Play Therapy?

Do you ever wonder if the behaviors you see in your preschooler are normal or a cause for concern? Do you sometimes question your parenting strategies and wonder if there's a better way to respond to your child?

As three to five year olds become more independent their behaviors can be challenging to most parents. Children who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to the birth of a sibling, a family move or starting preschool may be feeling anxious, confused or fearful. Bedtime battles, potty training, and temper tantrums can prevent you from feeling positive about your ability to parent your preschooler effectively. Sometimes parents are able to resolve difficulties on their own. Sometimes consulting with a play therapist can put a parent at ease.