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"Therapy" is often regarded as an unsavory word, viewed as an admission that someone's not totally together. But here's the reality: There's absolutely nothing wrong with needing or wanting to get help. Mental health is a landscape that many people still don't understand (in fact, only 25 percent of people with mental illness feel that others are compassionate toward them). The term "bipolar" is casually thrown around when someone can't make a decision on their hairstyle, or folks call themselves "OCD" when they feel the need to organize their desks. Mental illness is viewed as something that's "all in your head" or you should be able to "just suck it up."

The disregard for mental health disorders isn't just a societal issue, but a treatment one. Research from the Association for Psychological Science suggests that mental illness stigma acts as a barrier to proper treatment. In other words, the more the negative stereotype is perpetuated, the less likely people are to seek support when they really need it. If you go to the doctor for a physical problem, why shouldn't you be able to go to a psychiatrist or psychologist for an emotional one?


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Located in Lenlock, the Labyrinth is a circuitous path that leads to the center and out again. Its various twists and turns provide a metaphor for life and its challenges. Labyrinths are designed to help us find our way. There is no right or wrong way to use a labyrinth, but most believe the labyrinth provides the opportunity to clear ones mind, find peace, manage stress, and make decisions. Some believe that the labyrinth can also help a person heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Labyrinth of Covenant Presbyterian Church is available to the public during daylight hours, 7 days a week including weekends. It's use is free of charge but donations are accepted. Orientation programs are scheduled on a regular basis. For more information call Covenant Presbyterian Church at 256-820-4851.Labyrinth copy1

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