Get Well: A Fresh Perspective on Mental Wellness is a new book written by Dorothy McDermott, MS, LPC, NCC.

Through the book, McDermott coaches the reader along their journey to mental and spiritual wellness. The book is written for the reader to be active throughout reading, with space for reflection, journaling, and planning at the end of each chapter. The writer uses the perfect mix of professional advice and personal life experiences to make the book inviting and relatable, while also challenging the reader to take the steps needed to become well. Another special note about this book is the diligence the author took to encourage the reader to seek spiritual wellness as it relates to the reader’s own religion, or “God as you know him” as she says. This thoughtful decision allows the book to be applicable to a wide range of readers, no matter their differing religious beliefs.

“The transformational journey to peace and wellness starts with acknowledging that there is a problem, and determining to do something about it.”

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