Does Teletherapy Benefit AdolescentsWhen the Covid-19 pandemic began, it brought with it many changes to our day-to-day lives. Healthcare, including mental healthcare, were not immune to these changes. Over the last 2 years, services like teletherapy (also referred to as online counseling or telehealth) have become increasingly popular. Our hope is that this blog will help you understand how teletherapy benefits adolescents.

Benefits Of Teletherapy

Garrett Counseling’s Suzy Mitchell has been providing therapy services exclusively online for over a year. In this time, she has noticed many benefits of teletherapy for adolescents. Some of these benefits include:

  • Less time away from school or after school activities.
  • Seeing the client in their own space helps me to gain a better perspective of their world.
  • Meeting virtually eliminates exposure to potentially unhealthy environments.
  • Parents spend less time picking up and dropping off.
  • Parents can easily participate in sessions.
  • Clients can participate from school as long as they have a good wi-fi connection and a private space. With the school’s permission the client can participate in teletherapy from a private place such as a conference room or counselor’s office.
  • Adolescents are more likely to participate in therapy if it doesn’t interfere with their current activities.
  • Increased privacy as sessions are conducted from home or a private office at school.
  • Most adolescents are very comfortable with the technology required for teletherapy. All that is required is a good wi-fi connection. Teletherapy can be conducted using a phone, computer, laptop, or phone.

Suzy Mitchell, LPC says, “Most of the adolescents that I have seen have enjoyed the convenience of teletherapy. Their parents have expressed appreciation of this as well.”

If you are searching for teletherapy services for your child, Garrett Counseling has many counselors experienced in this area. Contact us today to learn more!

This article was written by Suzy Mitchell, LPC, a mental health counselor at Garrett Counseling. Learn more about Suzy here.