Family Counseling

Family CounselingEvery family will at some point experience change and other challenging situations; family counseling (also called family therapy) can be a beneficial tool to help families heal and move forward together.

Is Family Counseling Right For My Family?

Family counseling is beneficial for families who are experiencing anything that affects their family’s bond and overall health. A few specific reasons a family might choose counseling include:

  • Adoption: Family counseling is generally recommended for those pursuing adoption or foster care. Counseling can help families address the challenges that can come with adoption such as establishing trust, processing trauma, and working through behavioral concerns.
  • Blending Families: Blended families often work with a counselor to build respect, establish new family roles, and set boundaries, among other goals.
  • Divorce & Co-Parenting Concerns: Family counseling can help make the transition through divorce smoother for everyone. In counseling, parents and children can work through the varying emotions they are experiencing, as well as establish a plan for co-parenting.
  • Grief: Loss of a loved one impacts the entire family, but each family member may grieve in different ways. A family counselor is trained to work with the family unit and support them in their grieving.
  • Major Life Transitions: Transitions, even positive transitions, can cause stress as families adjust to change. Family counseling can be a great tool to help family members communicate more effectively during a transition.
  • Parenting Support: Parenting is not without challenges. Working with a family counselor can help parents navigate conflict between them and their children and find support for parenting a child with behavioral and other concerns, as well as just being a resource to help parents be the best parent they can be.

What To Expect From Family Counseling

During family counseling, your counselor will work with your family together, as well as sometimes recommending individual sessions for each of you. Your counselor will work with you to determine what is best for your family’s goals.

At Garrett Counseling, our team of therapists are trained to work with families of all sizes and backgrounds. Every counselor on our team is Level II trained in Sandtray Therapy, a form of play therapy, for working with children and adults. Family counseling at Garrett Counseling is also unique because we are an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP), which provides us with special training in working with clients and their families with ADHD and enables us to provide ADHD assessments for children and adults

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