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The greatest predictor of maladjustment, behavior issues, depression and anxiety in children is the level of conflict between their parents they are exposed to.

Many times the conflict children experience between their parents is during and after a divorce. In our current society divorce is often a long, drawn out, expensive, stressful experience for both the parents and the children. How you choose to parent your children though this crisis will never wear off.

What if I told you that everything you have heard about divorce does not have to be? That you can do this without harming each other and your children?

The kinder, gentler way of dissolving your marriage without damaging your children is to use the process of mediation. Mediation is a private and confidential process in which a neutral professional helps you and your co- parent to work together to create a parenting plan for your children. Who knows your children better than their own parents? Through mediation you and your co-parent create a custom schedule and guidelines around your specific circumstances, schedules and children’s needs. Mediation can be done on your schedule, instead of the schedules of multiple attorneys and court, and is generally less expensive than the “traditional” divorce. Meditation can even be started before you file for divorce or utilized during the divorce process and even after the divorce is final if you find your circumstances have changed.

Remember, you are getting a divorce and you are no longer going to be husband and wife but you will always be a mommy or a daddy.

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Mediation & Divorce | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL

Marcie Foster is a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator. She also practices family, bankruptcy, debt relief, consumer protection, estate planning, and elder law. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Cumberland School of Law at Samford University. In November 2012, Marcie was elected as Cherokee County Commissioner representing District 3. For more about Marcie, visit her website.

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