There is no absolute time frame to designate when your therapy should be over. However, if goals you have set with your Alabama therapist have been met, that is a good sign you should be able to transition  out of therapy.

ending therapy with your huntsville alabama therapist

Signs Therapy is Coming to an End

There are a few reasons therapy with your Alabama therapist could end. The most positive outcome is the fact that you feel you achieved your goals. If your therapist feels that you could benefit from switching to a therapist who could better serve your needs, they could terminate therapy so you can make that transition. Sometimes a client gets to a point where they feel like they are not getting what they need or that they have plateaued. That is a pretty good indicator your time with that therapist should end so you can find one to better suit your needs.

How to End Therapy

Terminating therapy is a process. You will not walk in one day and hear, “You are now done with therapy.” As you make progress, you and your therapist will discuss established goals. During therapy questions will help you decide the progress made towards those goals. Eventually you’ll begin to discuss how much longer to plan future sessions.

During the last sessions together, you’ll discuss an exit strategy. This may include reviewing what you’ve learned throughout the process. They’ll leave you with things to implement moving forward. You may decide maintenance visits are a good idea. A therapist should never leave you high and dry. You should feel a sense of accomplishment and hope for the future knowing you have tools to handle life’s issues in a stronger, healthier way.

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