This is a common question we hear when people call for counseling services in Jacksonville or any of our other locations. We can answer some questions about therapy are easily. However, this is not one of them. Because therapy is not a one size fits all and everyone has different issues they’d like to deal with, the length of treatment will depend on various factors and be tailored to your specific needs.

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Some of these factors include:

  • Severity of presenting issues – Chronic issues generally take longer whereas acute issues can typically be treated in a shorter time frame.
  • Type of therapy approach – Different approaches may take longer than others
  • Cost – Whether you’re paying out of pocket or have insurance may play a role in how frequently and how long you meet for counseling services

Will I Have to Go Forever?

You may find that you resolve your issues in a short time. Others utilize counseling services on a continual basis. This gives them the deeper level of support they need. Some take a long time learn how to cope with issues from their past. Then there are others who find themselves needing therapy for different reasons during different seasons of life and attend multiple times with breaks in between over years or even decades. Just as you go to the doctor for a checkup to ensure your physical body is healthy, the same holds true for your mental health. Counseling services offer support and strategies to help keep you in a healthy mental state.

Counseling Services in Jacksonville

Whether your needs require therapy for a few sessions or a few years, making the decision to seek help is one that can have lasting impact on your life. Make your mental health a priority. Pride yourself on having the courage to take the next step in your overall well-being. We offer counseling services in Jacksonville, Albertville / Boaz and Huntsville. Reach us at (256) 239-5662 today for your first session or fill out our contact form.