Listen in as Counselor Ben shares a few simple tips for regulation while sitting at your desk. A transcription of this video can be found below.

Video Transcription:

Oh hi, my name is Ben. I’m a counselor here at Garrett Counseling. I’m sorry, you caught me right when I was eating my lunch made out of plastic food.

Anyway, I’ve been asked to talk to you about regulation today. Regulation is all about getting yourself to a place where you’re calm again and not feeling down or feeling way too up. Anyway, I’m going to give you three tips today on what to do if you need to be regulated that you can do right at your desk.

So my first tip is to work on your breathing. The first big step is to take a big breath through your nose and then blow it out through your mouth. You go … You’re going to want to do that at least five times. So that’s the first trick, just deep breathing.

The next possible way to calm down is just engaging different senses. So one person might want to take a little chocolate, a little peppermint, pop it in their mouth, and just savor it, and just sort of taste the taste and feel the roundness or the smoothness. Whatever is going on. You can also do something like have a bracelet like this that’s got some essential oils on it, you can also just do your wrist, and give it a sniff and engage your olfactory senses. That helps you, and that helps you get calm.

The final option, although there are many other options out there, is to simply find something to fidget with and focus your there. For example, I have this neat little fidget cube that has all these different sides with stuff to do. If you’re focusing on that, you’re less likely to focus on the things that are troubling you, and it gets you to a point of focus and it makes you feel comfortable. So I like to do one of these numbers, maybe one of this. That’s the great thing about a cube is it’s got so many options. You don’t have to have a cube like this, you could simply have a click pen and be clicking it or tap a pencil on the desk. There are so many options, you just got to keep your mind occupied.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to regulate yourself. I’m Ben, I’m from Garrett Counseling, and I’m happy to help you. See you next time.