Internship & Training

Garrett Counseling - Alabama

Our mission is to provide exceptional career support that enhances your quality of life so that you can grow your experience.

We’re an experienced network of professional therapists welcoming new associates in training that require supervised clinical experience. We provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level internships. Join us to complete your supervision time and find a more permanent home to practice on our team when you’re fully licensed.


Plan Ahead

Garrett Counseling is a privately owned group practice where you can gain experience and continue to thrive. Ideal candidates are looking for a position that will continue after licensure.

Opportunities for learning and growth

Our practice focuses on learning cutting edge research based skills to help both counselors and clients on topics such as improved sleep, greater enjoyment in relationships, less conflict with others, and greater motivation to complete goals.

We offer plenty of training opportunities, resources, and peer support and supervision.

  • Garrett Counseling handles all of the paperwork, billing, and administration, so you can focus on the therapy you provide and your growth as a clinician.

  • – Work with an experienced team that accepts you for who you are and helps you grow your skills in therapy
  • –  Support with legal and ethical documentation
  • –  Clinical supervision with a team of experienced licensed clinician
  • –  Opportunities to specialize in areas that interest you and best support the population you serve
  • –  Training about documentation


Learn about what group practice work looks like

  • –  Our team of clinicians will work with you in different modalities and populations, so you can learn more about areas of personal interest, allowing you to grow your skill set to provide better therapy to clients.
  • –  Our team of administrative professionals handles billing and insurance support, as well as provides customer service so you can focus on doing the work you love to do.

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Graduate and Undergraduate Opportunities