Jacksonville Office

Ashley L. Garrett,

Ashley L. Garrett, LPC, ED.S., MS, RPT-S, NCC

A note from Ashley: As the Director of Garrett Counseling, my goal is to provide support for our counselors, helping them meet the needs of our community. My approach to supervision is the same as therapy: compassion, accessibility, and accountability. The therapeutic environment should be one where people can explore feelings, behaviors, and attitudes freely. I care about the details. I care about your counselor. I care about your child. I care about you.

Caroline Allen-Ross,

Caroline Allen-Ross, LPC, MS, NCC

Jacksonville Branch

A note from Caroline: When people come in for therapy, whether it is brief or long-term they should expect ethical and professional service where they can set goals for themselves. I assist people in developing coping skills to reach those personal goals in a timely manner.

Mindi Amberson,

Mindi Amberson, LPC, ED.S., MS, BSW

Jacksonville Branch

A note from Mindi: Everyone has a choice. We choose to accept things, and we are also able to choose not to accept things. Within that power to choose, lies our power to change. Our past has shaped us, but we are only able to control our present by the choices we make and by the behaviors we choose to show. Everyone has individual strengths. Therapy should be focused on those strengths and on the client’s current needs.

Holly Hunter,

Holly Hunter, BS, Office Manager

Holly is a native of Jacksonville and earned a degree in Business Management from Jacksonville State University. She brings 14 years of management and customer service experience to our team at Garrett Counseling. Her organization and administrative skills help keep our office running smoothly and our team in sync.

Lauren Williams,

Lauren Williams, BS, Referral Manager, Accounting

Lauren is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a degree in Accounting. She brings over 5 years of experience in accounting and office administration to our team at Garrett Counseling. Her skills in accounting and financial procedures are a great asset to our office management team.

Dorothy McDermott,

Dorothy McDermott, LPC, MS

Jacksonville Branch

A note from Dorothy: People need to know that when they speak they have been heard. I hope to be that listening ear and person providing gentle nudges in the right direction toward lasting positive change.

Keyanna Peters,

Keyanna Peters, LPC, ED.S., MS. BSW

Jacksonville Branch

A note from Keyanna: ‘There are three musts that hold us back: I must do well. You must treat me well. And the world must be easy.’ - Albert Ellis

Everyone has the ability to manifest into a better version of themselves. Each individual has an opportunity to experience trials and tribulations in life, coping in a manner that allows for positive growth and increased self-awareness.

Kristen O'Dell,

Kristen O'Dell, LPC, MS

Jacksonville Branch

A note from Kristen: I believe that counseling is a process that should allow individuals the opportunity to explore their emotions in a safe space. I feel strongly that the counselor’s role in therapy is to facilitate the process of change by offering support for change to occur. I am interested in therapy that focuses on the individual, and I use eclectic techniques to support my clients. I have received training in play therapy techniques, family counseling, and trauma informed interventions. I work to help my client’s find an approach that fits their individual needs based on where they are in the present moment. It is my hope to met individuals, wherever they may be on their journey, in achieving goals to a happier life. Storms make trees take deeper roots.

Matthew Harris,

Matthew Harris, BS, Human Resources Specialist

Jacksonville Branch

Matthew is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a degree in Psychology. He brings over 7 years of customer service experience to our team at Garrett Counselling. His knowledge of human interaction and behaviors, as well as team building and organization, are a great asset to our office management team.

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We are hiring for several salary-based mental health professional positions. These positions come with several benefits including vacation, retirement, and health benefits. ALC, LPC, or Clinical Psychologist licensure is required. Preference will be given to applicants with one or more years of experience and to providers with Blue Cross of Alabama and/or MHCA. Please provide an up to date resume and a letter of interest (include contracted insurance panels and overview of experience). Please email resume to