Counselor Lynsey recently took the time to review “Anger Management Tool Cards“, “Would You Rather Playing Cards“, and “Let’s Talk: Conversation Starters for Kids to Discuss Feelings” from Open The Joy! Her thoughts, as well as images of the cards, in use can be found below.

Anger Management Tool Cards

These cards help kids navigate their feelings in four different ways: calm your mind, calm your body, shift your focus, and take a mini-break. The cards illustrate and direct kids to (independently or with a caregiver) learn many ways to cope with feelings. The cards were designed for anger but can work with any big emotions.

Would You Rather Playing Cards

It’s a standard deck of cards with silly dilemmas on each one! The cards can be used to play a typical game of Go Fish or Spoons while also helping kids build emotional intelligence and decision making skills.

Let’s Talk: Conversation Starters for Kids to Discuss Feelings

This is a large set of cards helping caregivers and kids navigate big and small topics easily. The cards promote open dialogue and bonding between kids and caregivers. Topics can also lead into deeper discussions of hopes, dreams, and fears.


Each of these sets of cards can be found on the Open the Joy website. If you believe your child could benefit from counseling (including our online counseling for children) or if you would like more information about our pediatric counseling services, contact us today!

This blog was written by Lynsey Leopard, M.Ed, ALC (#C3307A), NCC. Lynsey is under the supervision of Lynne Kilgore (#2005). Learn more about Lynsey here.