Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray Therapy is a creative therapy technique that combines aspects of both art therapy and play therapy. It is very hands-on for the client, and it can be a great technique for people of all ages. With this method, the counselor will provide a tray with sand and miniature figures for the client to use during the session. The client uses the sand and figures to create scenes and stories that represent their world, thoughts, feelings, and challenges.

Counselor Rachel Brewer, MS, ALC (under the supervision of Jay H. Byham, MS, LPC-S #0741) filmed this video to explain the process and why it is beneficial:

Who Is Sandtray Therapy For?

Often when people think of play and creative therapies, they think of how beneficial the techniques are for children. In reality, it can be beneficial for clients of all ages – including teens and adults! At Garrett Counseling, all of our counselors are Level II trained in Sandtray for working with children, teens, and adults. Specifically, this therapy can be beneficial for clients experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and grief. It can also be beneficial for autistic clients and those with learning difficulties.

How Does Sandtray Therapy Help?

Studies have shown that Sandtray Therapy provides many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduce Symptoms: Healthline states that it reduces “anxiety and traumatic stress symptoms.” It can also help clients dealing with anger management concerns.
  • Improve Mood & Creativity: Sandtray Therapy leads to increased resilience, self-esteem, decision making abilities, and creativity.

What The Garrett Counseling Team Says

This technique used by many of our counselors at our Alabama counseling locations. Here’s what 2 of our counselors had to say about this technique:

“I enjoy incorporating nature into my Sandtray Therapy sessions. I find this combination of nature and sandtray encourages regulation and provides clients with tools to help them self-regulate.” – Maegen Harris, M.Ed, ALC (under the supervision of Leah Simmons #3334)

“Sandtray Therapy brings both the right and left brain together into a fully integrated brain. This is so beneficial for true whole brain healing to begin.” – Rachel Brewer, MS, ALC (under the supervision of Jay H. Byham, MS, LPC-S #0741)

Learn More About Sandtray Therapy at Garrett Counseling

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