WIn part one of our mini blog series regarding reasons for therapy,  we briefly introduced the wide range of circumstances that could warrant seeking out a counselor. We briefly touched on a couple reasons and how therapy could be beneficial. In part two of our blog regarding reasons for therapy, we will continue to expand on the list of reasons why counseling is important to your mental health.


grief therapy for mental healthOne of the most common reasons an individual meets with a counselor is because they are going through a grieving process. People experience grief as a result of many different circumstances. Some of these life events could include losing a loved one, losing a job, the loss of a friendship, the loss of a pet, or a child moving away from home.

Working through the grieving process related to any loss in your life is a difficult process and can be extremely stressful. Having a counselor to walk through your grief helps in many ways. They can help you ease the burden of guilt you may feel, give you tools to help with the process, and be a positive emotional support.

Finding Purpose

finding your purpose helps with mental healthAnother common reason to seek the support of a counselor is finding clarity and/or purpose. Whether you’re facing life decisions that include a job, a relationship, or simply finding purpose for yourself, mental health is an important piece of the puzzle. We don’t think as clearly when stressed. When our mental health is not in optimal condition, we have a tendency to make decisions that may not be in our best interest.

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