As humans, we look for people we can relate to in all aspects of life. Those are the people who inevitably become our friends. Why then, when looking for a therapist, would we not search with the same intention? Finding a licensed therapist you connect with is one of the most important pieces of your healing process.

sometimes finding the right licensed therapist means a black therapist or lbgqt educated one

Making That Connection

Connection is key. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the vibe? Maybe it was the doctor’s office with one other patient waiting. Perhaps it was a meeting at your child’s school. When you are in a more intimate setting with a stranger, your response is typically one of two things. You either feel comfortable enough to make small talk, or you’re uncomfortable and stay to yourself. If you are not comfortable with the licensed therapist you have chosen, you’re not going to speak as freely, which will hinder your progress. On the flip side, when you are at ease in your surroundings and the company you keep, conversation flows easily, and you are more apt to share information at a deeper level.

First impressions are important, but let’s take a look at some other factors that are important in securing the ideal counselor for you.

  • If you have had bad experiences with male providers in the past, choosing a female would be a better option (and vice versa).
  • Race is important for many clients.
  • People of the Christian faith may be better suited with a counselor who shares the same beliefs and values.
  • Counselors who specialize in the LBGQT population are better equipped to deal with this specific community.

Read reviews. Do the research. Whatever your situation is, find a licensed therapist that checks most (if not all) of the boxes that are important to you.

Need Help?

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