Teen counseling is a convenient way to help teens live better, healthier, and happier lives. As much as the teenage years offer a chance for self-discovery and growth, often, teens experience a wide range of challenges which include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Behavior problems
  • Relationships challenges
  • School and social-related challenges.

Meeting with the best counselors for teenagers is the best way to deal with these concerns.

Here at Garrett Counseling, we provide young people with the support they need to overcome different life issues. We understand that it is normal to experience many changes as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Hence, our team has assembled a combination of approaches that work best for them.

What is Teen Counseling?

Teen counseling is a therapeutic approach that addresses the needs of young people aged between 13 to 19. The teenage years are the most delicate years of anybody’s life. You don’t have to reserve therapy for life-altering events; don’t wait until your kid’s mental health worsens. It is beneficial if they start therapy sessions early.

Sometimes, even a one-session therapy can make a difference in your child’s life. Also, adolescents are less likely to share personal issues with their parents. They are shy to talk about various topics, such as relationships. This is why you need a professional to speak to them.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the best therapist for teenagers in Jacksonville, Alabama. An early diagnosis could save your teen from what could have led to depression or suicide if left untreated.

Who is it for?

Our counseling services offer guidance and support to anyone under 19. So many teenagers keep their worries to themselves. Over time, these worries may become stress and anxiety, which can significantly affect their mental health. Sometimes it is the reason why some teenagers have low self-esteem, low confidence levels, and feel inferior to others.

Maybe your child is struggling with substance use. This can worry you because they can drop out of school or get into trouble with the law. It is best to find a teen counselor to assess their behavior before it gets out of hand. Garrett Counseling can help them choose a treatment plan that works for them, be it group therapy, individual therapy, or recovery. We will walk with your child through the journey until they abstain entirely. Our vetted professionals will guide them toward making healthier choices and decisions for their well-being.

It doesn’t matter if it was a sexual assault, a simple clique, or a close-to-death experience; these situations can have a life-long impact. They will stress out your child, affecting their academics and general life. Therapy helps them learn how to manage and recover from such circumstances. Our team of trained counselors gives teens skills that will help them navigate through all their past traumas.

Teens don’t have to be experiencing a series of mental health obstacles to seek therapy. It is also possible to take your child for counseling if:

  • They desire to learn self-awareness
  • They wish to learn complex topics
  • They want to understand more about sexuality and personal identity
  • They want to have  tips on how to manage challenges in the future

If your child is interested in the issues mentioned above, it is vital to take them for teen counseling near Jacksonville, Alabama.

What Can You Expect?

Teens are unique; therefore, each of them deals with issues differently. Only a tiny percentage can tell their parents what they are going through. Those who get an opportunity to talk to therapists also struggle to open up. For these reasons, our team introduced online teen counseling for teenagers so they can benefit more from therapy.

In fact, it is easier for adolescents to talk about their issues online, in the comfort of their space, compared to one-on-one meetings. Whenever an issue comes up, they can share it with their therapist, who will respond instantly. Our online therapies are not so different from physical therapies because they are real-time videos and chats.

When you sign up for therapy with Garrett Counseling, you will get matched with a compassionate therapist who will ask you questions to understand your needs. We assure our clients that the therapy sessions will address their exact issues and concerns. Besides, we will check in with you periodically to ensure you gain from the sessions.

Get Help Now

Does your child need counseling? We have several licensed and trained counselors who can help them thrive. Call us or fill out our contact form online from our website to get your teen started today. Garrett Counseling is here to help!