Hand Holding Model Of Brain l CHADD Conference In November of last year, Counselor Lynsey had the opportunity to attend the 2021 International Conference on ADHD (CHADD Conference). The conference was a collaboration of several organizations and researchers known for their passion for increasing ADHD awareness and understanding. The weekend was full of education, advocacy, and experience.

Counselor Lynsey says, “It was thrilling to see professionals in the ADHD field come together to share and discuss valuable research, tips, and information. Specialty topics discussed included evidence-based interventions for executive dysfunction, the impact of ADHD on relationships, psychopharmacology, rejection sensitive dysphoria, and cultural considerations in ADHD. I especially enjoyed hearing about experiential methods to apply board games to social and emotional learning in therapy sessions.”

Using the research and information covered at the CHADD Conference, ADHD-impacted children and families can be furthered supported using effective, proven methods like:

  • Organizational skills training for children with ADHD
  • Skills and motivation for teens with ADHD
  • Bridging the gap between adolescence and young-adulthood
  • Parent training and support
  • Structural and cultural considerations

In the days ahead, we look forward to sharing resources, education, and support related to ADHD and those impacted by ADHD! If you are looking for a counselor experienced with ADHD to support you or someone you love, we have counselors in Boaz, Jacksonville, and Huntsville, AL who are ready to help! Contact us today for more information.