You’ve probably heard the term and maybe even taken a mental health day. Although much of society (and likely your boss) may think it’s an excuse to stay home and goof off when you’re not sick, it’s a real necessity in our hectic lives. According to a recent study, mental health in Huntsville, AL is actually quite good, however, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a mental health day ever.

take a day for your mental health Huntsville, AL

What It Is… and Is Not

Stress is inevitable. Good stress or bad, it is part of our everyday lives. Those who are prone to depression and anxiety may find it more difficult to manage. In either case, when stress has you to the point of feeling like you are going to crack, it’s time to take a break. A mental health day is a day intended to focus on relieving stress and preventing burnout. Taking a day off to regroup, re-energize, and just take a break is not going to relieve you of the underlying stressors you are dealing with. However, it can give you the breather you need to keep going.

It’s not a day where you take off work to stay home and get caught up on household chores. If you’re truly taking a mental health day, you should have a plan for your day that includes doing something for yourself. A long walk, pedicure, massage, a quick trip to a peaceful place to read a book. Something that gives your mind a break from the things that lead to daily stress and anxiety.

If you find that you are wanting, or needing, to take mental health days more frequently, that could be a sign you need more than just a break. That could be a sign pointing you in the direction of a mental health professional. Therapy can help you learn how to deal with your stress and anxiety so you are less often triggered.

If You Have Questions, Garrett Has Answers

If you find yourself asking if you should take a mental health day, chances are the answer is yes. Garrett’s team of experienced counselors pride themselves in providing optimal care for your mental health in Huntsville, AL. They are available in person and online for your safety and convenience. Click here to send us your questions or to schedule an appointment, or call (256) 239-5662 today!