People feel shame over things in their past or in their life. Perhaps you are shamed by a family member for your divorce. Or perhaps you have been keeping a secret about how you self identify because you are embarrassed about how others will see you. One of the reasons to seek out a Jacksonville therapist is to understand why you act, feel or behave the way you do. Another, and perhaps more important, is to accept and love of who you are.

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Self-Esteem versus Self-Acceptance

Although one contributes to the other, self-esteem and self-acceptance are not the same. Self-esteem refers to the value or worth you feel you have. Self-acceptance is accepting all areas of yourself, not just the parts you think are good. In order to have a healthy, positive self-esteem, you must first learn to accept the person you are no matter what anyone else thinks or what you perceive they think of you.

Why Self-Acceptance is Important

When you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t tend to take the best care of yourself. If you feel like you don’t fit in, you may isolate yourself from family or friends. Feeling insecure about your weight or a negative image of your body could lead to eating disorders, weight gain, or extreme weight loss. No matter what the insecurity or negative thoughts you have, if not dealt with could lead you into situations you’re not happy with. It could be an unhealthy relationship or missing out on a job that you are completely qualified for but lack the confidence to apply for. All of these are things that an experienced Boaz, Huntsville or Jacksonville therapist can help with.

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