It’s no wonder anxiety therapists in Huntsville, AL, are seeing a rise of cases dealing with individuals who are scared about the future. Afterall, life as we know it has been flipped upside down, spun around, and kicked over the field post over the past two years. It seems as though there are changes around every corner leaving uncertainty hanging over our heads with no end in sight.

could you benefit from anxiety counseling Huntsville AL?

Anticipatory Anxiety

What on earth is anticipatory anxiety? Good question. When you worry about something that has not yet happened, you are reacting to anticipation of the future. Your thoughts are consumed about all of the “what ifs” that may or may not ever even happen.

Tips to Help Decrease Symptoms of Anxiety

Talking to a therapist is one of the best ways to not just cope with your anxiety but work through your fears and replace them with hope and confidence. However, there are things you can start right now to help manage your anxious symptoms.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Keep a journal – Start writing about how you’re feeling
  • Get outside – Go for a walk or a bike ride. Plant a garden. Go get some fresh air.
  • Talk to a family member or friend – Sometimes it helps to get a different perspective

There is Hope for The Future With Anxiety Counseling in Huntsville, AL

There will always be challenges in life, but that doesn’t mean you have to be fearful of what’s next. With the help of an anxiety counseling in Huntsville, AL, you can leave the fear behind and move into the future with confidence. With online appointments available as well as additional offices in Boaz and Jacksonville, Garrett Counseling has you covered! Call us today at (256) 239-5662 to schedule an appointment. If you have questions or would like to contact us online, click here.