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  • College Students & Holiday Stress College Students & Holiday Stress December 2, 2021 “Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays…” The air turns cold but a fire burns your remaining time until end of the semester exams and final class projects... Late nights and espresso shots fuel this last drive until you’re home for the holidays. At first glance, you’re excited for a break. The chance… Read More
  • Jacksonville center for counseling can help Winter Break, Your Kids & Everyone’s Sanity December 2, 2021 The holidays are coming up, and the kids will be out of school for an extended period of time. Everyone is excited about the upcoming festivities and break from school and work. However, inevitably before the break is over, our therapists at Jacksonville center for counseling have encountered the same scenario over and over; parents… Read More
  • Huntsville counseling can help with extreme emotions Why Some People Have More Extreme Emotional Reactions November 30, 2021 Being emotional is a part of life. Emotions are a natural part of being a human, but it is also one of the most commonly overlooked issues that could be helped with counseling. Have you ever been told you have anger issues, or maybe you’re too thin skinned? Those would be extremes of emotions clients… Read More
  • how do you bring up relationship counseling How Can I Bring Up Relationship Counseling to My Partner? November 24, 2021 Approaching your partner about relationship counseling can be intimidating and maybe even challenging. If you are struggling with how to start the conversation, we are going to discuss some ways that could be the inspiration your partner needs to jump on board with you. Approach With Caution Not really, but it’s a catchy headline. Obviously,… Read More
  • Garrett Counseling Wellness T-Shirt New Wellness T-Shirt November 22, 2021 We are very excited to share our new wellness t-shirt with you! This new "Be Kind To Your Mind" shirt was designed by Garrett Counseling's very own Lynsey Leopard, ALC #C3307A (under the supervision of Lynne Kilgore, LPC-S #2005). We wanted the design of the new shirt to represent both parts of the brain: the… Read More
  • LPC, LMHC, NCC, RPT are all Licensed counselors Understanding the Acronyms for Licensed Counselors November 22, 2021 Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone’s name and scratching your head at all the letters behind it? You’re looking for a counselor, and now all these letters have you confused? Fortunately for you, that’s just what we are here to talk about today. Let’s take a look at what all these letters mean… Read More
  • Ashley Garrett of Garrett Counseling Why Choose Garrett Counseling November 19, 2021 Searching for therapists in Alabama can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to consider when choosing a mental health professional who you feel comfortable with and will fit the needs of your unique circumstances. Ashley Garrett founded Garrett Counseling with the mission “to provide exceptional mental health care that enhances your quality… Read More
  • KidOne Transportation November 19, 2021 At Garrett Counseling, we understand that transportation can be a barrier to getting the mental health treatment you or your child need. We made the video and PDF to share information with you about a local resource called KidOne Transportation. PDF: Kid One Transportation Video:   Read More
  • Managing Depression As A Parent Managing Depression As A Parent November 17, 2021 Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed in managing your depression while still having to care for little ones? Over 16 million other adults are dealing with the same problem. Managing depression as a parent can be extremely difficult and hard to balance, but there are ways to better manage those feelings and get relief. As… Read More
  • how does sleep affect your mental health? How Does Sleep Affect Your Mental Health? November 17, 2021 Have you ever “woken up on the wrong side of the bed?” Truth be told, sleep and your mental health have a very strong connection to each other. Today we will dive into how sleep affects your mental health exploring things like the often asked question of, “Do I get enough sleep?” as well as… Read More
  • Adoption & Mental Health Adoption and Mental Health November 16, 2021 According to the Adoption Network, approximately 7 million Americans have been adopted. Currently there are approximately 1.5 million adopted children in the United States. This number indicates that 1 out of 50 children, which represents about 2% of children in the US, are adopted. In other words, the population of individuals who have been adopted… Read More
  • 4 Tips to Conquer Holiday Meal Stress 4 Tips to Conquer Holiday Meal Stress November 15, 2021 It isn’t a dish served best hot or cold, but we do get heaping portions of it every holiday season - stress. What is it about the idea of sitting down with friends and family for that iconic holiday meal that fills so many of us with apprehension? The stress of the big meal is… Read More
  • blended family counseling Boaz Signs Your Family Would Benefit from Counseling – Part 2 November 12, 2021 As we continue on in our three-part blog series, today we are going to discuss how family counseling in Boaz, marriage counseling, and counseling for kids can benefit your blended family. If you missed part one in this series, you can get caught up by clicking here. Blending a Family is Hard Work Hormones, differences… Read More
  • family counseling Huntsville Signs Your Family Would Benefit from Counseling – Part 1 November 11, 2021 In this mini-blog series we’ll address some of the many signs of how family counseling would benefit your family. Clients who have participated in family counseling in Huntsville have developed better communication within their families and found solutions to issues resulting in a happier, more peaceful home. “We Can Fix It On Our Own” How’s… Read More
  • Adoption Resources For Families in Marshall County Adoption Resources For Families in Marshall County November 10, 2021 The Impacts and Effects of Adoption Adoption is a wonderful thing! However, adoption can also bring challenges to a family. We want to provide families in Marshall County with resources that can help you navigate any challenges adoption may bring and prepare for a more smooth adjustment as you welcome your adoptee. How Can A… Read More
  • Guilt counseling by grief therapists in Alabama Survivors Guilt Counseling November 8, 2021 Grief therapists in Alabama are seeing a rise in the number of clients seeking guilt counseling. There are many reasons you might feel guilt after losing a loved one. The impact of COVID-19 has caused a significant amount of grief among countless families. Overcoming guilt is possible through the help of guilt counseling. Defining Survivor’s… Read More
  • More myths about therapy More Myths About Therapy November 3, 2021 If you read our first couple blogs on myths about therapy, welcome back! Local counselors are very familiar with the rumors swirling around the concept of therapy. Hence the reason we are continuing our articles on myths to educate the general public. I Just Lay on a Couch While the Therapist Takes Notes Although lounging… Read More
  • Running as a beginner Running As A Beginner November 2, 2021 Running can have numerous benefits to both physical and mental wellness, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Although it can be intimidating trying to take on a new activity, running can be adapted to your fitness level and comfort so that you can start practicing it as a strategy for mental… Read More
  • we offer counseling for infertility in Huntsville, AL Counseling for Infertility November 1, 2021 Hearing the diagnosis of infertility sends a shock wave of emotions. Anger, sadness, guilt, and hopelessness are only several of many you may experience. Many couples have found help through counseling for infertility in Huntsville, AL. Be encouraged. You are not alone, and there is help available to you. When to Seek Help Dealing with… Read More
  • types of therapy for ptsd Types of Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder October 29, 2021 Trauma occurs in countless ways. A military veteran, victim of an abusive relationship, unexpected loss of a loved one, victim of sexual assault or abuse are only a handful of scenarios where an individual has been traumatized. Everyone’s trauma experience is not the same. For that reason, PTSD counseling services include multiple types of therapy… Read More
  • let a Boaz, Huntsville or Jacksonville therapist teach you to love yourself Understanding and Accepting Who You Really Are October 27, 2021 People feel shame over things in their past or in their life. Perhaps you are shamed by a family member for your divorce. Or perhaps you have been keeping a secret about how you self identify because you are embarrassed about how others will see you. One of the reasons to seek out a Jacksonville… Read More
  • Running for Mental Wellness Running for Mental Wellness October 26, 2021 We have all heard about the benefits of running on our physical health, but it can also be used as a technique to improve and maintain our mental wellness. Aerobic exercise has been linked to decreased stress, anxiety, and depression. Individuals who are more active tend to have higher emotional well-being than those who are… Read More
  • premarital counseling services Three Reasons for Premarital Counseling Services October 25, 2021 Although more common twenty years ago than today, premarital counseling is still a requirement at some churches prior to marriage. However, research has shown that participating in premarital counseling services has many positive benefits. Couples who participate in premarital counseling have a lower divorce rate. If you’re getting married and are not required to have… Read More
  • child therapy Is it Okay to Talk to My Child About Their Therapy Session? October 22, 2021 When participating in family counseling services, the counselor will want to meet with each participant for individual sessions at some point. A child participating in therapy is obviously there for a reason. Not only are they dealing with whatever issues landed them there, but they are allowing themselves to be completely vulnerable with a stranger.… Read More
  • The Neuroscience of Child Development The Neuroscience of Child Development (Part 1) October 21, 2021 Trying to understand the neuroscience of child development can be a difficult task. That’s why we wrote this blog - to help give you a better understanding of your child and their brain. Did you know that a child’s brain does not stop developing until the mid-twenties? That is a long time to wait for… Read More
  • marriage counseling oxford al The Stress of Differing Parenting Styles October 20, 2021 Chances are you and your spouse didn’t have a conversation on how to raise your children before their birth or conception. Typically, one just uses the parenting style based on how they were raised. Due to the fact that not everyone is the same, it is quite possible the two of you have different views… Read More
  • psychiatrist in Jacksonville, AL for anger management It’s Okay to be Angry – Sometimes October 18, 2021 Be nice! Calm down! How many times have you heard that, or even said that to your loved one? Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to be angry. It’s a natural emotion, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Where it becomes troublesome is when it becomes a reaction. What you do with that emotion is… Read More
  • you might need a sex therapist Is a Couples Counselor the Same as a Sex Therapist? October 15, 2021 When searching for a therapist, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you are getting a therapist who will meet your needs. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, a couples counselor might be the right call. However, if you and your partner are dealing specifically with intimacy issues,… Read More
  • Build New Friendships As A Millennial October 14, 2021 When you do a quick google search on “millennial friendships”, you will find headlines like "do millennials have friends" and "what percentage of millennials have no friends.” What daunting messages millennials are receiving about this chapter in their lives. As a generation, millennials have also grown up receiving messages about prosperity in higher education and… Read More
  • grief counseling huntsville al How Grief Counseling Helps You Heal October 13, 2021 Grief is an intense emotion that can be very difficult to shake off. It is perfectly normal to mourn the loss of a loved one. However, when the grief feels like it’s too much to bear and is lingering longer than you feel it should, grief counseling in Huntsville, AL is available to you. Grief… Read More
  • Positive Social Media Accounts Positive Social Media Accounts To Follow October 11, 2021 Social media can be an overwhelming place. With so many accounts and so much content, it can be hard to discover the accounts that offer valuable, uplifting content. At Garrett Counseling, we want to help you navigate social media and connect you with tools that can positively impact your mental health! Before we get to… Read More
  • take a day for your mental health Huntsville, AL Why We All Need a Mental Health Day Sometimes October 11, 2021 You’ve probably heard the term and maybe even taken a mental health day. Although much of society (and likely your boss) may think it’s an excuse to stay home and goof off when you’re not sick, it’s a real necessity in our hectic lives. According to a recent study, mental health in Huntsville, AL is… Read More
  • seasonal affective disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder October 8, 2021 The temperatures are dropping. There is a crisp smell in the air. Pumpkin spice everything is available and you’re either wearing crimson and white or navy and burnt orange. While some embrace the fall season approaching, it has quite the opposite effect on those with seasonal affective disorder. Signs and Symptoms of SAD The National… Read More
  • geriatric depression treatment Huntsville, AL How to Talk to Your Parents About Getting Therapy October 6, 2021 As your parents age, they will begin to experience more loss, health diagnoses, and changes in life that can lead to feelings of sadness, worry, and depression. If you have noticed changes in the overall behavior of your elderly parent, it may be time to seek out a local therapist for depression treatment in Huntsville,… Read More
  • ADHD counseling Thriving with ADHD at Any Age October 5, 2021 Living with ADHD can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to control your life. With the proper help, you can not only live with your diagnosis, but you can thrive! Whether you have been dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) your entire life or it has been newly diagnosed, ADHD counseling can help. What… Read More
  • Start Your Own Mental Health Garden October 1, 2021 Cultivate Your Own Place Of Reflection And Healing With Autumn’s Arrival Autumn is here, and with its arrival, a new season of rest and reflection. We don't normally tend to think of autumn as a time of growth - the flashy, brilliant spring greens and yellows surrender their vibrance to more subdued, earthy hues of… Read More
  • Tips for Human Wellness: Deep Breathing for Adults and Kids September 30, 2021 Deep breathing is an important wellness tip for both kids and adults. We prepared this short video and Deep Breathing Worksheet to teach you a few tips.   Read More
  • myths about therapy Myths about Therapy for Kids September 30, 2021 Are you worried about how others will perceive you if your child attends therapy? Are you afraid once your child starts therapy they will need it forever? Believe it or not, receiving child therapy doesn’t mean you or your child are crazy. Stay with me here, and we’ll debunk other myths about therapy. Mythbusters Educating… Read More
  • child therapist Overcoming the Trauma of Divorce September 27, 2021 Whether a divorce is amicable or full of hostility, children are always affected. The safety of your child’s home has been compromised. All they knew has been blown apart leaving shrapnel of trauma in their tiny mind now full of questions and doubt. Through the use of play therapy for trauma, a child therapist can… Read More
  • family counseling jacksonville al helps all types of families Tips to Improve Family Communication September 24, 2021 Families today are more diverse than ever. Yours may be a blended family with his, hers and ours, or a family with kids from newborn to teenager. Some kids may be biological, while others may be adopted. You may even be what is often thought of as a traditional family with two kids just a… Read More
  • Benefits of Nature Based Therapy September 23, 2021 With pandemic induced isolation and virtual consumption on the rise, people are finding themselves drifting further and further away from nature based therapy, or “ecotherapy” for mental health treatment. In fact, a recent article by Counseling Today estimates that we are spending close to 90% of our time indoors! Garrett Counseling is here to help… Read More
  • Into the Wild…or Simply, a Garden September 22, 2021 Embracing Nature for Mental Health When Cheryl Strayed’s book, Wild hit shelves in 2012, it started a massive movement towards reading about and experiencing the outdoors-especially among women. In Strayed’s book, she highlights how nature can often offer a healing touch and comforting balm to wounds surrounding anxiety, depression, ptsd, and experiences from our past… Read More
  • child counselor huntsville, AL for school stress and anxiety Tips for Coping with School Stress & Anxiety September 22, 2021 School has been in session for just over a month, and it’s like summer did a 180. Summer break is full of carefree lazy days, swimming, playing with friends, and not having a care in the world. Literally overnight, summer ended, and kids are now faced with new classes, new friends, homework, sports, and day… Read More
  • couples counseling or relationship counseling can stregthen a relationship How Couples Counseling Can Strengthen a Relationship September 20, 2021 Relationship counseling is not just for those experiencing a traumatic event or those on the brink of calling it quits. It is a tool for people that helps build healthier, stronger relationship. Couples counseling also teaches us how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict in a healthy manner, and overall become better versions of themselves. What… Read More
  • sometimes finding the right licensed therapist means a black therapist or lbgqt educated one Seeking & Finding the Right Licensed Therapist September 17, 2021 As humans, we look for people we can relate to in all aspects of life. Those are the people who inevitably become our friends. Why then, when looking for a therapist, would we not search with the same intention? Finding a licensed therapist you connect with is one of the most important pieces of your… Read More
  • trauma counseling crisis counseling How Crisis and Trauma Counseling Differ September 15, 2021 Crisis and trauma seem interchangeable, however they differ significantly. Crisis is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “an extremely difficult or dangerous point.” Thus, a specific time or event. Also defined by Cambridge Dictionary, trauma is a “severe and lasting emotional shock and pain caused by an extremely upsetting experience.” A Further Look Now, let's explore… Read More
  • anxiety counseling huntsville al Signs of Anxiety in Children September 13, 2021 Anxiety at all ages is a normal emotion. So how do you know when anxiety is affecting your child beyond the scope of normal? In this blog, we are going to outline some signs and symptoms that would suggest the need for anxiety counseling in Huntsville, AL. Healthy versus Unhealthy As stated, anxiety to some… Read More
  • Coping with codependency Learning Techniques for Coping with Codependency September 10, 2021 We all know of someone who seems to be “thin skinned.” Or maybe you are more familiar with a “people pleaser.” Both are behaviors of codependency. What is that you ask? Let me explain. Exploring Codependency Merriam-Webster broadly defines codependency as “dependence on the needs of or control by another.” Some people need the approval… Read More
  • Bookshelf: “The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole” September 8, 2021 The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole is a book written by Michelle Cuevas. Zoe Garrett recently read this book and wrote a review to share with you: The Care and Feeding of a Black Hole is such an amazing and truthful tale. It has a plot that always keeps you interested, cool… Read More
  • marriage counseling How Long will Marriage Counseling Take? September 7, 2021 Have you ever tried to lose weight? Those pounds sure don’t come off as quickly as they hopped on, am I right? You may be asking what on earth weight loss has to do with marriage counseling. Great question! Let’s break this down. Problems Evolve The deterioration of a relationship is a process that gradually… Read More
  • decision fatigue How an Alabama Therapist Helps with Decision Fatigue September 3, 2021 There are just too many decisions. I am feeling overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Believe it or not, decision fatigue is a real thing. And if you choose us as your Alabama therapist, we can help! Defining Decision Fatigue An article published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health defines decision fatigue as… Read More
  • play therapy for trauma How Play Therapy for Trauma Helps August 31, 2021 Kids love to play. They may not love to talk to an adult about what has traumatized them. That’s where play therapy comes in. Play therapy for trauma is an effective method of therapy to help children deal with their healing. While your child plays, our therapist gains insight and eases your child to the… Read More
  • weight of guilt, guilt therapy can help Healing with Guilt Counseling August 26, 2021 The Cambridge Dictionary defines guilt as “a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong…” Guilt is a normal emotional reaction. However, if you allow guilt to hang around too long, it will feel like a thousand pounds. Eventually it begins affecting more areas of your life. Guilt counseling… Read More
  • Review of “Open the Joy” Cards August 24, 2021 Counselor Lynsey recently took the time to review "Anger Management Tool Cards", "Would You Rather Playing Cards", and "Let's Talk: Conversation Starters for Kids to Discuss Feelings" from Open The Joy! Her thoughts, as well as images of the cards, in use can be found below. Anger Management Tool Cards These cards help kids navigate… Read More
  • marriage counseling huntsville AL Signs You Could Benefit from Marriage Counseling August 24, 2021 Marriage counseling is not just for those who are struggling in their relationship. It can also be used as a tool to strengthen the relationship between you and your partner. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship or you and your spouse are struggling, we are ready to provide you with marriage counseling in Huntsville,… Read More
  • finding the right Huntsville Therapist How to Find the Right Huntsville Therapist August 20, 2021 So you’ve made the decision to seek help, but where do you start? Finding the right therapist to fit your needs is not a task to be taken lightly. In today’s blog, we will look at important factors to keep in mind when looking for a therapist in Huntsville. Determine Your Need The first step… Read More
  • types of grief Reasons for and Types of Grief August 18, 2021 Grief is most notably linked to the loss of a loved one or a pet. However, Merriam-Webster defines grief as “deep and poignant distress” and “a cause of such suffering.” A deep suffering can therefore also be categorized as one of the many types of grief. No matter what the source of your grieving, grief… Read More
  • grief counseling after a loss How Grief Counseling Helps with the Loss of a Loved One August 17, 2021 No words can describe the pain someone feels when they have lost a parent, a child, or a spouse. Grief counseling plays an important role in the grieving process. It helps to work through each step and restore some level of normalcy to life as it was before. What is Grief Counseling? Grief counseling is… Read More
  • teenage depression Does Teenage Depression Go Away? August 13, 2021 If left untreated, teenage depression can evolve into a life-long illness. However, if it is addressed at the early stages, it is very probable the depression can be cured. In more serious cases, a combination of therapy and medication may be necessary. Causes of Teenage Depression Teenagers face an onslaught of new situations as they… Read More
  • Bookshelf: “Get Well: A Fresh Perspective on Mental Wellness” August 12, 2021 Get Well: A Fresh Perspective on Mental Wellness is a new book written by Dorothy McDermott, MS, LPC, NCC. Through the book, McDermott coaches the reader along their journey to mental and spiritual wellness. The book is written for the reader to be active throughout reading, with space for reflection, journaling, and planning at the… Read More
  • Neuroscience Approach to Counseling Anxiety August 11, 2021 Presenter: Dr. David Pittman Location: Garrett Counseling, LIVE WEBINAR Date: Friday, September 10th 2pm- 5pm EST (1-4pm CST) 3 NBCC Contact Hours Cost: $60.00 Registration Link:  Learning Objectives: Increase understanding of the representation of anxiety in the brain Increase understanding of the relationship between stress and anxiety versus relaxation and anxiety Gain insight into… Read More
  • Sexting, Pornography, and the Law August 11, 2021 Our adolescent and pre-adolescent children are becoming more exposed to sexually explicit images and behavior in today's modern society. Why do our children participate in sexting, and how does the law look at problematic sexual behavior. How did pornography become so accessible to our children, and how does pornography affect our youth. Is pornography addictive,… Read More
  • Neuroscience and Sleep in Counseling August 11, 2021 Presenter: Dr. David Pittman Location: Garrett Counseling, LIVE WEBINAR Date: Friday, August 20th 2pm- 5pm EST (1-4pm CST) 3 NBCC Contact Hours Cost: $60.00 Registration Link: Learning Objectives: Counselors will gain a general neuroscience refresher where they will: Gain increased understanding of neuroanatomy related to counseling: Amygdala: fear; Hippocampus: memory; Insula: interoception; Prefrontal Cortex: cognition;… Read More
  • crisis counseling for trauma How Crisis Counseling Can Help You Cope with Trauma August 11, 2021 Merriam-Webster defines trauma as “a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury; an emotional upset.” Trauma counseling (or crisis counseling) is a key tool to coping and/or recovering from from your traumatic experience. Psychological and Emotional Trauma Traumatic events typically involve a life-threatening situation. But, they can… Read More
  • pediatric anxiety counseling Huntsville Signs & Treatment of Anxiety in Children August 9, 2021 It is natural for a child to experience some level of fear or worry throughout their young life. However, when those emotions interfere with activities of daily living, the problem may run deeper. Since opening our location in Huntsville, anxiety counseling is one of the most prevalent types of therapy we treat. Let’s take a… Read More
  • Our anxiety therapists inn huntsville help with anxiety Anxiety is High – Are You Suffering? August 6, 2021 The world has been turned upside down over the past 18 months. That, in and of itself, has caused anxiety in millions of people. Now we're facing a relatively normal day-to-day with the same concerns over the increased spread of the virus. For many, this is causing a whole new wave of anxiety. Are you… Read More
  • adolescent play therapy Understanding Adolescents Play Therapy August 4, 2021 When left to their own devices, children act out their innermost feelings and emotions through creative play and is well-known as a method of counseling for young children. Surprisingly to many, adolescents play therapy is still quite effective. As children grow into their tween and early teen years, their type of play may change. Instead… Read More
  • Alabama Counseling Centers Huntsville, Boaz and Jacksonville, Alabama Counseling Centers August 2, 2021 If you are looking for a compassionate counselor in Alabama, Garrett Counseling has three convenient locations to serve you and your family. We specialize in the needs of children of all ages and adults covering a variety of issues. Here is a bit more about our Alabama counseling center services and locations. Services We provide… Read More
  • therapy for kid to treat anxiety How Therapy for Kids Helps with Anxiety July 30, 2021 When normal fears turn into chronic anxious thoughts and behaviors, it gives cause to seek help. When you notice this with your child, you should consider therapy for your child as soon as you notice an issue developing. Therapy for kids can help teach a child coping mechanisms and avoid deeper ongoing issues. Types of… Read More
  • counseling sessions Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Counseling Sessions July 28, 2021 Congratulations on your decision to begin therapy! Or maybe you’re already in therapy and feel like you’ve plateaued and don’t know what else to do. Today we are going to address tips you can implement to optimize the effectiveness of your counseling sessions. What Not To Do Therapy is an active process, so naturally you… Read More
  • play therapy Utilizing Play Therapy in Counseling July 26, 2021 The thought of taking your child to a counselor can be a bit scary. Play therapy is a unique approach that our skilled experts use to interact with your child. This method utilizes the natural abilities your child has in expressing themselves to resolve conflict through play. What is Play Therapy? Children do not always… Read More
  • individual counseling services Our Individual Counseling Services July 23, 2021 When choosing a center for individual counseling services, it’s important to know how they conduct therapy sessions. Not all centers offer family counseling where the session is held with more than one family member at a time. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Pediatric Counseling for Children &… Read More
  • marriage counseling huntsville AL Is it Time to Consider Marriage Counseling? July 19, 2021 Are you arguing constantly? Finding it impossible to talk to your spouse? Or maybe you don’t even recognize who you’re married to anymore. If this describes your relationship, you should consider marriage counseling. Here Are Some Signs Every relationship is going to have its arguments, ups, downs, and curve balls. However, if not dealt with… Read More
  • improve your relationship communication How to Improve Your Relationship Communication July 16, 2021 Every relationship hits bumps in the road and has its ups and downs. How you and your partner handle those situations says a lot about the strength of you as a couple. Relationship communication has the power to make or break your relationship. What is Communication Talking does not equate to communication. Communication involves not… Read More
  • journaling How Journaling Compliments Therapy July 14, 2021 When your thoughts are jumbled, your pulse is racing, or you’re feeling down, pull out a piece of paper and just start writing. Journaling is no replacement for therapy, but it can be a great tool in helping unveil hidden feelings or simply flushing words out of your mind. No Excuses There is no right… Read More
  • teenage depression Treating Teenage Depression with Counseling July 12, 2021 According to the CDC, approximately 1.9 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 have been diagnosed with depression. The World Health Organization cites that globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. Early Detection is Key Recognizing signs of teenage depression is crucial to warding off an… Read More
  • family counseling services Family Counseling Services July 8, 2021 Family counseling services help address issues within the family that involve children and parents. It is designed to work with family members together rather than individually. Some of the issues addressed include things like financial issues, child/parent conflict, or even substance abuse and its effects on the family. The main goals of family counseling are… Read More
  • Codependency Identifying and Coping with Codependency July 6, 2021 Codependency is broadly defined by Mirriam-Webster as dependence on the needs of or control by another. We commonly identify with it as a “needy” or “clingy” person. However, the reality of codependency goes much deeper than being clingy. What is It? Being dependent on one another for love and support brings value to a relationship.… Read More
  • child in counseling Child Counseling Helps Kids in Many Ways July 1, 2021 When your child is sick, there is no hesitation to take them to a doctor. However, when a child is struggling with emotions or social situations, parents many times find themselves at a loss of knowing what to do. Child counseling is beneficial to the overall wellness of your child and can help pave a… Read More
  • finding your purpose helps with mental health Seek Therapy to Improve Your Mental Health June 30, 2021 WIn part one of our mini blog series regarding reasons for therapy,  we briefly introduced the wide range of circumstances that could warrant seeking out a counselor. We briefly touched on a couple reasons and how therapy could be beneficial. In part two of our blog regarding reasons for therapy, we will continue to expand… Read More
  • reasons for therapy Reasons for Therapy – Part 1 June 28, 2021 Today we’re starting a mini-blog series on reasons for therapy. We’ll start this off by saying, if you want to go to therapy, you should. Just wanting to is a good enough reason. However, if you want to know some of the common reasons for therapy  as heard by our counselors, here they are. Top… Read More
  • local counselor can help deal with guilt through therapy Overcoming Guilt Through Therapy June 25, 2021 Guilt is defined by Merriam-Webster as feelings of deserving blame, especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy and a feeling of deserving blame for offenses. Guilt does not always come from events that actually took place. It can manifest through imagined situations as well. A local counselor can help you overcome your… Read More
  • consider therapy for phobia you have How Therapy Can Help with Your Phobia June 23, 2021 According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 12.5% of adults experience a phobia at some point in their life. Phobia is defined as an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation (Merriam-Webster). Living with a phobia can be debilitating and severely affect your quality… Read More
  • Include Trauma Therapy in Your Personal Injury Claim June 21, 2021 If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s common knowledge that your physical injuries and your car repair or replacement are covered through insurance. But did you know that you can claim emotional distress and trauma therapy as well? Pain and Suffering Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience and can leave the… Read More
  • therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist Therapist, Counselor, Psychiatrist or Psychologist? June 18, 2021 The day has come and you have decided to seek out a therapist. One question you may be facing is, "Which therapist is right for me?" With terms like therapist, counselor, psychologist, and psychiatrist, it’s easy to see where the decision may not be so easy. Today, we will list and define different types of… Read More
  • finding purpose is a journey Finding Your Purpose With Counseling June 16, 2021 Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose in life? What was I put on this earth to do?” You are definitely not alone! Finding purpose in life can seem overwhelming and, for some, it's a journey. It may even cause anxiety if we allow outside opinions (or our own expectations) to run wild… Read More
  • grief therapy can help you Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One June 14, 2021 Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences in life we will encounter. Whether you have lost a spouse, a parent, a child, a grandparent, another family member, or even a close friend, grief can feel unbearable at times. Because grieving is a process, there is no quick cure. Grief therapy is… Read More
  • woman in therapy for self-care Therapy is Self-Care June 11, 2021 Most of us go to the dentist twice a year and we get a physical check up once a year. Those both help us know that our bodies are in good physical shape and healthy. You should think of therapy as a mental health checkup that you do on a regular basis. Benefits of Therapy… Read More
  • no-mask anxiety Anxiety Over Removing Your Mask? June 9, 2021 You’re Not Alone Many people are suffering from what is being called "no-mask anxiety." Now that we're told we don't have to wear a mask, we're unsure. Although it sounds simple enough, after all we've not regularly worn masks before 2019, you can feel anxiety. This is especially true with so much public rhetoric and… Read More
  • AutPlay Therapy Logo What is AutPlay® Therapy? June 7, 2021 AutPlay Therapy is a unique approach that combines play therapy with psychological therapy and utilizes a partnership between parents and the therapist. The goal is to foster relationship development between the parent and child with the goal being a positive outcome of treatment. Created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant, AutPlay Therapy incorporates several evidence-based approaches… Read More
  • Empty Nest Syndrome | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome June 2, 2021 For so many years, you’ve been a parent, but now your children have grown and moved on. The house seems empty and eerily quiet. You wake up each day with no school lunches to pack or school functions to attend. Almost overnight, you have experienced a significant change and begin to wonder what to do… Read More
  • Postpartum Depression | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL Identifying Signs of Postpartum Depression May 31, 2021 The birth of a child is one of the most anticipated experiences a mother dreams of. Snuggling the newborn, the smell of their skin, and all of the wonderful feelings of holding your baby. But what if you don’t have that feeling of elation? What if you feel detached? You could be suffering from postpartum… Read More
  • Myths About Therapy | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL Myths About Therapy May 30, 2021 Views and opinions about counseling varies depending on your era and your the family dynamic.  Maybe you were taught to put on a game face and suck it up no matter what just happened. Or your family lived by the rule that nobody needs to know our business. Unfortunately, the stigma of therapy keeps people… Read More
  • Pediatric Therapy | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL Signs Your Child Could Benefit from Pediatric Therapy May 27, 2021 All kids experience ups and downs navigating through childhood and that doesn't necessarily mean they need pediatric therapy. Emotional lows could result from just about anything. Often they're simply issues with a friend, a bad grade at school or hurt feelings from something a family member said. These are harmless enough. Even a normal part… Read More
  • Counseling for Infertility | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL Counseling for Infertility May 24, 2021 All aspects of your life from relationships to your own self-image are affected when faced with a diagnosis of infertility. Life experiences and your personality shape the way you handle this often unexpected news which is why we offer counseling for infertility. Many times family members or friends may not be able to relate to… Read More
  • Counseling Services in Jacksonville | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL How Long Will I Be in Therapy? May 21, 2021 This is a common question we hear when people call for counseling services in Jacksonville or any of our other locations. We can answer some questions about therapy are easily. However, this is not one of them. Because therapy is not a one size fits all and everyone has different issues they’d like to deal… Read More
  • First Therapy Session | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL What to Expect in Your First Therapy Session May 18, 2021 Your first therapy session will start similarly to a doctor’s appointment.  When you arrive, there will be paperwork you’ll need to complete.  The forms include your insurance and basic personal information, medical and family history, symptoms questionnaire, privacy forms, and what concerns brought you in for therapy. Completing those forms at home expedites things. Getting… Read More
  • pediatric counseling center Managing ADHD with Counseling May 15, 2021 ADHD – or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – affects millions of children across the globe. It’s most often treated with one or more prescriptions. As a pediatric counseling center, we know that managing ADHD with counseling is possible and may be a better long-term solution. What is ADHD? ADHD is caused when the right side… Read More
  • Sandtray for Beginners: Experiential Learning Where Theory and Practice Connect – May 2021 May 13, 2021 Presenter: Ashley Garrett, LPCS, RPTS, EdS, NCC Date: May 13th AND May 14th, 2021, 9AM - 4 PM Location: Garrett Counseling, Boaz, AL 12.00 Clock Hours Total DESCRIPTION: This is a two-day introductory workshop that teaches the basics of Sandtray and Sandplay ® knowledge. Counselors will gain insight into foundational components of sandtray/play. Counselors will… Read More
  • therapy for coping with eating disorders How Counseling Helps Teens With Eating Disorders May 12, 2021 Counseling for eating disorders goes hand in hand with recovery from an eating disorder. Counseling for your teen is a key component in their recovery process. Teens who engage in a combination of eating disorder counseling and a treatment program have a higher likelihood to achieve and maintain complete recovery. What Does Eating Disorder Recovery… Read More

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