My Money Bunnies: Fun Money Management For KidsMy Money Bunnies: Fun Money Management For Kids is written by Mike Michalowicz. The story follows a character named Sophie as she learns how to both save money for her “big dream” and have money for her daily expenses.

Zoe Garrett recently read this book and wrote a review to share with you:

“The book My Money Bunnies is the most clever way to teach kids how to manage their money. The strategies that Mr. Mike outlines are simple, but the way the author expresses it makes it so memorable. That said, the book actually has a lot in common with another book called Profit First by the same author. It has some of the same strategies in even more detail, but the fundamentals are the same, how to save money. Both of these books do a great job communicating how to save money. Grade A.” – Zoe Garrett

Zoe Garrett is 11 years old. She works part-time in the family business helping with office tasks, cleaning, and helping those older than her understand kid culture. She enjoys reading, playing Minecraft, and cooking. She does not enjoy cleaning out her lunch box, cleaning her room, or getting up early! Zoe is also the proud parent of Yam, her baby hedgehog.