The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole is a book written by Michelle Cuevas.

Zoe Garrett recently read this book and wrote a review to share with you:

The Care and Feeding of a Black Hole is such an amazing and truthful tale. It has a plot that always keeps you interested, cool page designs, and talks about grief. The character in the story is sad and distant because she lost her dad. She tries to erase memories of him so she doesn’t feel the pain. It’s beautiful, relatable, and inspiring. Michelle Cuevas did a great job. Grade A.


Zoe’s Favorite Quotes From The Book: 

“…Black Hole can be your light in the darkest dark.”

“And later, when I got rid of all my memories in the black hole, I thought I’d forget everything on the list. But I haven’t. I know that the first thing on the list is how everything he cooked was a little burnt, but we were all too nice to say anything.”

“I decided then that home was probably all of these things: something sought after, found, held close, used, well-worn, and best of all, familiar.”

Note for Parents and Counselors: The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole Inside

Helping a child out of a loop of sadness and grief is challenging. Depending on their state of life, and how important the person who died was, it can be even harder. What helps, however, is talking about it with someone who is also going through missing that person.

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