In “The Owl Goes on Holiday” by Ulf Stark and Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Stahlberg, the Owl is a school teacher to the children of the animals in the forest. The stress of teaching has begun to take its toll on him. He has not been sleeping very well lately and feels exhausted while he is giving his lessons. The owl is eager to take some time off and relax, so he decides to take a vacation. At first, the owl enjoys his time off, but eventually begins to miss his schoolchildren. He feels well rested and heads home to get back to work. When he returns, he finds that one of the mice that he teaches has gone missing. He is quickly able to find the missing mouse and return to his work. Sometimes your daily life can become tiring. You feel like you are exhausted and just need to get away for a while. The Owl Goes on Holiday story demonstrates that vacations, even if it’s just a short one, are necessary to allow ourselves to rest and recuperate. Doing the same work every day can make you feel like you are living in a rut. Going through life in this rut can drag you down and make you feel exhausted. Just a day of getting away and relaxing can improve your well-being, mind, and performance.

Find something you love and something you are passionate about and use that as an escape from daily life. – Intern Tara