Brave Play: Cancellations & Grievances

Cancellation Policy:

If you contact us before the program date, you may exchange for a certificate to attend another program or a tuition refund. Please note there will be a cancellation fee subtracted from your refund. Occasionally, changes are made due to unforeseen circumstances or participant demand.

While Garrett Counseling will do everything possible to ensure participant satisfaction, Garrett Counseling’s liability is limited to the tuition fee only. If you cancel, 10 business days before the event, you will receive a full refund.

Cancellation must be received in writing and can be faxed to 1-256-217-4162 or emailed to If cancellation is not received in writing, you will be charged the full amount of tuition.

Grievance Policy:

When a complaint, either verbally or written, is filed the following guidelines are followed with respect to achieving resolution:

1. Complaints relative to the presenter, contents being presented, or educational style, the individual voicing disapproval is requested to first address concerns to the presenter. If the presenter is not available, place his/her comments in writing. These comments will then be conveyed to the speaker while maintaining confidentiality.
2. If the complaint concerns a continuing education activity, its content, level of presentation, or facilities in which the event is being held, the Director will attempt to resolve the matter as expeditiously as possible. If the offered resolution is not satisfactory to the individual filing the complaint, then further action may be taken.
In the latter instance, the individual is requested to place his/her complaint in writing to the attention of the Director. The complaint is then reviewed and a written response will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the written complaint.