Brave Play Kit

Brave Play Kit The Brave Play kit is a tool used in therapy as a form of expressive therapy. Very similar to sand tray without the sand, the Brave Play kit was developed by Ashley Garrett as a portable and less intimidating method of processing through experiential Play Therapy. Used with children, teens, and adults, Brave Play allows a person to reflect on their own life with opportunities to resolve conflicts, increase self-acceptance, and develop plans to remove obstacles in their life. Each year a new edition is published and builds your kit with more atoms (the minis that make up the kit) to expand your practice. Each kit is individually built and includes 20 minis which vary from kit to kit.

This kit is a great tool for experiential learning in secondary and higher education. It is also great for team building of all kinds, organizational psychology, partnerships, and for use in the corporate world.


2020 Edition: $20.00

2021 Edition: $25.00

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“I absolutely love my Brave Play Kit. It is a great way to get a session started with adults, especially adults new to counseling, who are having a hard time verbalizing their experiences. I also use my kit with kiddos to encourage them to describe themselves.” – Madalyn Caldwell, Ed.S., LPC


“Working as a school counselor, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t pull out my Brave Play kit! I love how it breaks language barriers, cultural barriers, and enables students to communicate with me, with their peers, and with authority figures. It gives someone the power to start a conversation, without having to use words! I also use it weekly in my supervision sessions with my counselors-in-training. Conceptualization, assessments, diagnosis- we cover all these areas by exploring counselor ideas and concerns through the use of the Brave Play Kit!” – Mindi Amberson, LPCS, RPTS, School Counselor


“Recently used the Brave Play Kit with an adolescent moving from foster to adoption. For the first time, he was able to talk about his heartbreak of living without a father for his entire childhood. He surprised himself and commented that he had never told anyone that secret regret. The Brave Play method is a powerful clinical tool.” – Ginger Caudell, LPC


“I love the Brave Play Kit! I have used it for teaching graduate students, supervising counselors in training, counseling adolescents and families, and Motivational Interviewing in substance abuse treatment with adults. It is a great counseling or self-reflection tool. I look forward to the next edition!” – Laura Browder, EdS, LPCS, AADC


“It’s like sandtray therapy without the sand! Clients both young and old love to utilizing the Brave Play Kit because they help so much with communicating their thoughts and feelings clearly without words.” – Caroline Allen-Ross, LPC


“The Brave Play Kit is a go-to for me when working with clients and students. It is so versatile, and the variety of items allows for rich discussion and insight for all ages. I have used this kit with ages 5 through adult with good responses at each level.” – Dr. Amy Davis

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