child in counselingWhen your child is sick, there is no hesitation to take them to a doctor. However, when a child is struggling with emotions or social situations, parents many times find themselves at a loss of knowing what to do. Child counseling is beneficial to the overall wellness of your child and can help pave a path of success for the years to come.

Reasons for Counseling

There are many reasons your child would benefit from counseling. Some are more obvious than others, but we’ve compiled a brief list here:

  • Death of a family member or friend
  • Parents going through divorce
  • Bullying
  • Moving to a new neighborhood
  • Transferring to a different school
  • Loss of a pet
  • Social anxiety
  • Diagnosis of illness
  • Drama with friends
  • General life transitions

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it gives you a short overview of common reasons your child could be struggling.

How Counseling Can Help

It is important for your child to have someone to talk to. Your child may be afraid or uncomfortable confiding in a family member. It is also quite possible your child is experiencing feelings they don’t understand. Engaging with a counselor will help them learn not only what they are feeling but why and where those feelings come from. A child in counseling learns tools they need to navigate the difficult times with healthy coping skills. As they acquire these skills, their self-esteem and confidence will grow. They will also be better equipped to face difficult situations in the future.

How You Can Help

If your child is going through a difficult time, acting out, experiencing signs of withdrawal, and demonstrates changes in eating or sleeping patterns or any other concerning symptoms, contact Garrett Counseling today or call (256) 239-5662. Our specialized team of counselors have decades of experience working with children of any age and are conveniently located in Albertville / Boaz, Huntsville, and Jacksonville.