Transform, grow and thrive your marriage with exceptional Christian marriage counseling in Boaz, Alabama. Garrett Counseling provides couples and adults the support they need to overcome relationship challenges and improve their mental health conditions.

We understand that changes such as marriage can be stressful sometimes. If you are in this phase of life, you can count on our team at Garrett for friendly and interactive sessions. We are trusted counselors who help and guide clients on how they can approach positive and opposing viewpoints.


What is Christian Marriage Counseling?

Christian marriage counseling is behavioral-based counseling that aims to strengthen the relationship of married couples, adults, and parents to kids. This form of counseling is often based on Christian beliefs and practices and may incorporate some Bible scriptures.

As much as Christian therapists or clergy leaders lead these sessions, some clinicians do it better. These professionals help you resolve marriage conflicts, miscommunication issues, resentment, etc.


Who is Christian Marriage Counseling for?

Our services are for the following groups of people:


Children (Parents of Children)

We understand that raising children in a Christian home comes with several challenges. It can leave you stressed if you are not mentally ready and don’t have a good support system. Perhaps you are a new mom wondering what to do to perfect your parenting skills. Our family services program offers a 12-week therapy for parents with kids, which can be of help to you.



Adults are more likely to face issues such as career transitions, family dimensions, sexual exploration, etc. You should seek counseling services if you are experiencing any of these challenges. Feelings of anxiety, grief, stress, and mood swings are likely to affect your relationship with your partner. They may also lead to depression or divorce if not handled in time. Garrett Counseling offers a safe space for adults to discuss disturbing issues.



Families are different, and every family experiences unique challenges. Besides, every family unit has its own beliefs and values. Our Christian marriage counseling that takes insurance helps families solve marital conflicts, sibling conflicts, co-parenting issues, and blended family struggles.


What Can You Expect from Christian Marriage Counseling?

When you contact us for online Christian marriage counseling, you will get in touch with one of our professionals, who will help you book an appointment. Our expert counselors will talk with you and your partner to find out any areas of concern in your marriage. This will help them develop effective treatment options to root out the problem.


Take the Next Step

It is now time you seek the best Christian marriage counseling services. No more struggling with failed marriages, unending family issues, and poor parenting methods! Luckily, we also have an option for real-time online counseling in case you want to connect with a counselor in the comfort of your space. Fill out our contact form today, or call us to start your counseling sessions.