Have you and your significant other lost that spark? Have there been circumstances that have damaged your trust? Before you call it quits, consider an attempt at repairing your relationship through couples counseling. Studies have shown that the rate of effectiveness in restoring a relationship through couples counseling is 75 percent.

couples counseling

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Couples Counseling V. Marriage Counseling

The focus in marriage counseling are the events of here and now. Present day issues are front and center of getting the marriage back on track. Couples therapy also addresses present day concerns, but it goes a step further. What lies in the history of both individuals that results in an unhealthy pattern of relating? Uncovering past experiences or relational patterns is key in discovering where and how the healing needs to begin. You can move forward much more productively in a relationship when you understand what’s behind a certain behavior or pattern.

What to Expect in Couples Counseling

The first goal in couples counseling is to get to the root of the problems. To accomplish this goal, the counselor will need to meet with both clients individually so they can get to know you on a personal level. The content of these sessions can range from early childhood to teenage years through young adulthood. What was your family dynamic? How did your family members handle conflict? Was there any abuse? These few things among an endless list of others are very personal but important pieces of information the counselor can use in your counseling sessions as a couple or individually or both.

The next goal in couple’s counseling is to set goals and to ensure that each party knows why they are seeking counseling. As we all know, goals take time to achieve. To attain success in your counseling, you will need to commit to regular sessions for a period of time.

Are You Ready?

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