Establishing Garrett Counseling to help people build relationships and live healthy lives was the beginning of our legacy. Since then, we have expanded upon that goal. By establishing more clinics in Jasper, Alabama, we have offered more programs for different populations. Also, we have joined other organizations to become a world leader in mental health care. It has been an intriguing journey, and we have no intention of stopping now! We hope you will join us along the way to promote wellness worldwide through understanding relationships and mindsets.


Who Is a Family Life Counselor?

Our family life counselor is a one-stop shop for information about your child’s communication, behavior management, and discipline. These people often offer advice, but they can also listen without judging. So, you can address your needs and avoid future problems.

Who can benefit from our family life counselor?

Our family life counselor helps different kinds of people. Here are the types of issues that our family life counselor can address:

  • Dealing with anger or frustration related to divorce or separation.
  • Responding to problems that come up in new relationships.
  • Overcoming infidelity and betrayal.
  • Adjusting to single parenting after dealing with parental alienation caused by the other parent’s use of substances.
  • Handling the challenges of blended families, including step children when parents have no custody arrangement and grandparents access issues.
  • Co-parenting issues including communication and the ability to work together to raise children when parents no longer live together.
  • Dealing with foreign custody issues, including dealing with a parent who has taken a child overseas.
  • Considering divorce when there are children involved.
  • Helping parents communicate while waiting for a judge’s decision on custody arrangements.


What Can You Expect From Our Family Life Counselor?

We provide counseling services focusing on psychology and mental health issues. These include anxiety disorder and depression, mental health awareness training, rehabilitation techniques, and family therapy techniques. We try our best to help people overcome issues and learn how to manage them. At the same time, we work on solving family problems that may have been left unsolved for years. We encourage people to take responsibility for their lives by making healthy lifestyle choices. Through our services, we hope to create a healthy and balanced environment. Families, businesses, and individuals live life to its fullest with a balanced environment. Our experts give the best advice to parents about their kids. The parents know what is best for their children and how to raise them.

Our family life counselors are not limited to focusing on only the family unit that calls their office. We do not limit ourselves to working with only one family member. We help families learn how to deal with problems as a team. Suppose a family member does not want to talk about a particular topic. In that case, we work hard on building trust. Everyone will become comfortable being open and honest with one another.


Why Contact Our Family Life Counselor?

Most people have been through a difficult time in their relationships or personal lives. And even if you are not currently struggling, you may find yourself going through a tough wave of emotions at some point. It is never easy to talk about your feelings and show vulnerability. But that’s where our family life counselor can help. As your counselor, we’ll listen to what you’re going through. Work with you as deeply as necessary to help bring your most authentic self out and start feeling like yourself again.

Of course, we cannot expect anyone to resolve their problems with just one appointment. It needs stability for therapy to work correctly and for change to happen over the long term. When you connect with our professional life counselors in Jasper, AL, you will always know what to expect from us ahead of time. Call us today and get free quotes for all our services.