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At Garrett Counseling, we are passionate about ending discrimination, that is why we are backing the CROWN Act.

A 2019 research study found that 80% of Black women in the United States had to change their natural hairstyle in order to fit in at their place of work. Social justice educator Cierra Kaler-Jones says “My hair has been called a mop… and I’ve been told that my hair ‘needed to be fixed’ to be deemed acceptable in the workplace.” (Read more from Cierra here.) In the United States, there are currently no protections for people who face discriminations because of their hair.

This is why the CROWN Act is important. This act will prohibit race-based hair discrimination and correct racial injustices by making hair discrimination illegal. The CROWN Act passed the House of Representatives in September of 2020 and is expected to be reintroduced in the current Congress. If this act passes again, it will be sent to the Senate.

You can get involved and show your support by contacting your senator and urging them to support the CROWN Act when it comes to vote. Click here to email your senator now! Encourage your network to get involved by sharing this link with them:

For more information about hair and hair discrimination, we have provided additional resources below: