When normal fears turn into chronic anxious thoughts and behaviors, it gives cause to seek help. When you notice this with your child, you should consider therapy for your child as soon as you notice an issue developing. Therapy for kids can help teach a child coping mechanisms and avoid deeper ongoing issues.

therapy for kid to treat anxiety

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety is a broad term. Under the umbrella of anxiety are more specific diagnoses that could help narrow down where your child’s issues are stemming from. We will look at a few of these more in depth below. Although it may sound a bit scary, don’t worry. Kids therapy can help.

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder. This type of anxiety is exactly as it sounds. Your child worries not only about normal childhood stressors but things you wouldn’t typically expect a child to worry over. Examples range from recess, lunchtime, homework, and playing with friends to the weather, world events, and the future. Because there is constant worry, it is difficult for them to relax, sleep, or have fun. They may even miss school because of not feeling well or being scared to go.
  2. Separation anxiety disorder. As a baby, it is normal to experience bouts of crying or unhappiness when separated from mom or dad. Once they get used to being left with a grandparent or babysitter, these tendencies typically subside. If your child doesn’t outgrow these issues associated with being separated, they may try to get out of school so they can be home with you. They may opt out of playdates, sleepovers, or any other activities where mom or dad is not involved.
  3. Social anxiety disorder. When suffering with social anxiety, your child does not want to be the center of attention. They’re afraid of what others think of them or that they’ll make a mistake if they do say something around their peers. When called upon in class, they may experience shortness of breath or their heart racing.

Kids Therapy Here

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