When participating in family counseling services, the counselor will want to meet with each participant for individual sessions at some point. A child participating in therapy is obviously there for a reason. Not only are they dealing with whatever issues landed them there, but they are allowing themselves to be completely vulnerable with a stranger. That’s a lot of pressure for a kid! On the drive home, it’s really tempting to ask all about their session, but it’s best not to.

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The Trust Factor

Do you tend to confide in someone you don’t trust? Seems like a silly question, but it puts this topic in context. If your child knows everything they are saying to the counselor is going right back to mom or dad, how likely are they to open up? Not at all.

For therapy to be effective, there has to be trust between the counselor and the child. The counselor needs to understand all aspects of your child in order to help them truly heal, recover, or overcome the issues that got them into child therapy in the first place.

A great level of insight can come through play therapy, but getting to the root and guiding your child down the most appropriate path comes from a combination of therapeutic techniques and conversation. As a child feels comfortable and safe, they will open up. The same is true with you as their parent.

When they feel they are being drilled with questions, they might shy away from discussing anything with you. There might be things they have shared with their therapist that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with you for whatever reason. Maybe they’re afraid it will hurt your feelings or upset you. The important thing is that they are getting help and on their way to a happier life. Give them space. Let them come to you and share what they want to when they are ready. And if they don’t, accept that and embrace their wellness over the details.

Family Counseling Services at Garrett Counseling

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