Are you arguing constantly? Finding it impossible to talk to your spouse? Or maybe you don’t even recognize who you’re married to anymore. If this describes your relationship, you should consider marriage counseling.

marriage counseling

Here Are Some Signs

Every relationship is going to have its arguments, ups, downs, and curve balls. However, if not dealt with appropriately, the unresolved issues will layer one on top of the other until the marriage implodes. Listed below are some signs that indicate your need for marriage counseling.

  • Being indifferent to your spouse. You don’t really care if your sex life is struggling, or you give in to your spouse to avoid confrontation. A great example of being indifferent is like you’re living with a roommate, each living separate lives.
  • Most (if not all) conversations turn into arguments.
  • You’re fighting about the same things over and over.
  • Secrets are being kept from your spouse, or you are lying to one another.
  • Infidelity, whether physical or emotional.

What Every Relationship Needs

There are essentially five key factors in healthy relationships. As cliche as it may sound, communication is absolutely key. There’s a difference between hearing what your spouse is saying and understanding the context of what your spouse is relaying to you. Trust, respect, boundaries, and support are also major players in keeping your marriage alive and thriving. When you feel heard, understood, respected, and supported, confidence in your bond grows. It becomes easier to be vulnerable and discuss issues knowing you’re in a safe place. Stressors of anxiety and insecurity dissipate when trust is present. As you and your counselor work to unravel the misunderstandings within communication through marriage counseling sessions, your relationship will begin to thrive.

Garrett Counseling Center

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