Listen in as Counselor Emily explains about KidOne Transportation, a free resource to help provide transportation or gas vouchers to your appointments. Transportation does not have to be a barrier to you receiving mental health. A transcript of this video is available below.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Emily with Garrett Counseling and I want to talk to you today about getting rides to your appointments.

So here at Garrett Counseling we know that getting a ride to you and from your appointment can be a huge reason as to why we can’t keep our appointments. It can be really hard to have the gas money. It can be really hard to have a reliable car that gets you back and forth. And so we want to share this resource that we found with you so that way we can help get you here because we want to see you and we want to be here as a support for you. So there’s this organization in North Alabama called KidOne Transportation, and they are a non-profit company that helps provide transportation to and from your doctor’s appointments. So the cool thing about this organization is they will get you rides to and from any type of medical appointments. So that can be your doctor’s visits, that can be eye visits for your eye doctor, that can be dentist or mental health, which is Garrett Counseling. So your counseling appointments.

So what you’re going to do first is you are going to fill out an application on their website and you’re going to give them like your name, your location, your health insurance, everything, and they’ll go ahead and get you into their system. So once your application has been through, you can then request a ride. So you can do that in one of two ways, you can give them a phone call at 205-978-1000, or you can go onto their website and you can fill out request a ride via their link there. So either way, however you want to do it you can do that. Know that you’re going to need your health insurance information, as well as the name of the person you’re going to go see, the address that it’s going to, and that provider’s phone number as well. That way they could know exactly where they’re taking you and get you there safely.

So once you get your ride requested, they’re going to call you the day before your appointment and confirm your ride, as well as give you a time that they’re going to be coming to pick you up. So just know that they on their website says they will not wait longer than five minutes for you so please make sure you are ready on time for them to pick you up because we don’t want you to miss your ride. So what they’ll do is they will pick you up and they will bring you here, and they’re going to give you a card and you’re going to call them when you’re done with your appointment and they’re going to be able to come and pick you up and take you home from there.

So they want you to know also, if the person who’s going to their appointment is under the age of 19, they must have an adult with them. So this means that we can’t have kids riding alone in the car, that they have to have a trusted adult, somebody who is 19 years or older with them.

So with Medicaid it’s a little bit special, they want you to get a voucher. So what you’re going to do is as soon as you schedule your ride with them, you are going to call the Medicaid office at 800-362-1504 and you will request a voucher that will cover this ride. Now, depending on how close it is to your appointment and when you schedule the ride, they may not get it to you on time. And so then you just need to request that it be sent directly to the KidOne office. And when you receive that voucher, you will just show it to the person who was taking you to your appointment and that will cover your ride from there.

So, that was just one of our local resources that we want you to know so we can get you some support because we know that getting a ride to and from your appointment is hard. We are going to have a nice info sheet for you that’s going to have all this information and links to the website and that way you don’t have to go searching around for it. But we look forward to seeing you at Garrett Counseling.