Licensed Clinicians

Garrett Counseling - Alabama

Join a network of established therapists and counselors in a supportive practice that looks after the team so you can focus on what you love to do.

Office space, marketing, referrals, billing, and CEUS, all handled for you.


Garrett Counseling

An Opportunity to Grow

Administrative Support

  • We manage all aspects of your practice for you.
  • Fully furnished office that is comfortable, trendy, and calm.
  • We provide you with an electronic records system, as well as a biller.
  • We provide you with an office and clinical supplies.
  • Extended referral base, where we build your caseload.

Clinical Support

  • Ongoing peer-to-peer consultation groups and supervision
  • You will have input on clients you see
  • Free continuing education development
  • Additional opportunities for clinical development

Personal Support

  • Competitive salaries
  • Consistent income
  • No unexpected tax bills
  • Engaging training opportunities
  • Supportive network of counselors across the Southeast
  • Extended paid time off and sabbatical pay
  • No on-call during evening hours or on weekends
  • More administrative support and less paperwork

Garrett Counseling Advantages

At Garrett Counseling

People who are curious and creative thrive in our group practice. Those who are interested in what the research says, know what it says, and also are creative in using it, enjoy working at Garrett Counseling. Our network of therapists and counselors help each other grow in their profession. Changing jobs can be scary- whether it is relocating to Alabama or to a practice right down the road. But our onboarding process is designed to provide you with tons of support.

Join Garrett Counseling

We provide the support; you supply the care.