At Garrett Counseling, we understand that every relationship is unique. We also know that couples get into conflicts every time, and the tension can trickle down to the rest of the family. When we let the differences get the better of us, family ties that were once great result in estranged communication.

If you realize that you are constantly arguing with your spouse and notice that your family is falling apart, come talk to us at Garrett Counseling. We have knowledgeable staff willing to walk with you through the journey of healing and restoration.

Marriage and family counseling seeks to restore positive communication between couples while learning ways to approach challenges and changes in the relationship. The counseling sessions improve communication and intimacy and bring family members together.


Who is it for?

Marriage and family counseling is an excellent step for couples. It is mainly recommended if you have;

  • A young and growing family
  • Several children who are getting independent

If you notice a slight change in your communication and overall family functionality, marriage and family counseling is a great place to help solve the situation before it gets out of hand.


What are the benefits of marriage and family counseling?

The benefits you get are highly dependent on the family’s needs. They include;


Excellent support during family changes.

Family life transitions can be challenging. Having the support of your family members helps to make the growth more accessible and more comfortable.

Transitions that might cause families to conflict include relocation, divorce, or even the death of a loved one. Family counseling helps family members to communicate effectively during such times.


Elimination of ineffective patterns.

There are constant arguments and broken communication patterns when a couple is at loggerheads. Marriage counseling eliminates such patterns, allowing for healthier ways of conflict resolution.


Marital satisfaction.

When couples communicate and treat each other better, there is improved marriage satisfaction and deeper intimacy. 


It increases self-esteem.

Flawed family dynamics that have been in place for too long affect some family members, making them feel bad about themselves. It is an unfortunate occurrence whose only remedy is marriage and family counseling.

The sessions allow family members to point out the primary sources of conflict, allowing them to find better ways of resolution. The result is family members feeling more positive about themselves.


It Improves group dynamics.

Family dynamics are what allow for proper interaction between family members. Over time, the dynamic family patterns may become unhealthy and difficult to break.

Professional help brings these unhealthy patterns to the surface, and family members can start working on them. The members can eventually adopt better and healthier ways of interaction.


Final Word

Marriage and family counseling in Huntsville, AL, is an excellent step to healing the wounds in your family and restoring better communication. If you are within other close vicinities like Boaz, AL, Jackson, AL, or Jasper, AL and feel a great need for professional help, we recommend booking a session as soon as possible. Reach out to us today at Garrett Counseling and book a session with our qualified marriage and family counselor.