Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and Family TherapistFamilies and couples will inevitably experience challenges throughout the relationships. Working with a marriage and family therapist can help family members work together to navigate these challenges.

Marriage Therapy

Have you been feeling distant from your partner? Are their feelings of resentment or communication concerns in your relationship? These could be reasons that you and your partner could benefit from a marriage therapist. Therapy can also address concerns including trauma, parenting conflicts, broken trust, financial issues, and sexual concerns. You can read more about marriage therapy at Garrett Counseling by clicking here.

Family Therapy

Has your family recently grown? Are you navigating a loss or major life transition? Working with a family therapist can help your family navigate life changes including adoption, divorce, blending families, and grief – among other changes. Often, family therapy gives each family member a space where they feel heard and supported which encourages each member to work together to navigate challenges.

Get Started

The Garrett Counseling team is passionate about helping couples and families experience healthy relationships. Learn more about our working with one of our marriage and family therapists by calling (256) 239-5662.

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