More than anything else, a marriage and family therapist provides you with the support you need to transform your marriage. Sometimes, family issues can become overwhelming, and you may have to deal with various circumstances that could lead to depression. This is why it is essential to seek a marriage and family therapist in Jasper, Alabama before things get out of hand.

Our professionals at Garrett Counseling have vast experience in dealing with issues related to couples, family, children, parenting, etc. We assess and diagnose your family issues to improve communication and strengthen relationships.


What is a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Marriage and family therapists attend to mental health issues related to family dynamics. They provide relationship counseling, premarital counseling, divorce and separation counseling, parenting counseling, and much more.

Relationships are a significant part of anybody’s life. They influence your thoughts, actions, and the decisions you make. According to psychology, relationships are a source of joy and comfort, but they can also bring a lot of pain.

Our therapists here at Garrett Counseling take care of a wide range of family issues; they include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Anger and mood disorders
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Illness and disability issues
  • Children’s behavior problems
  • Adjustment-to-life changes


Who is it for?

Our marriage and family therapy services are for the following groups of individuals:

Children (Parents of Children)

We understand that parenting can be emotionally and intellectually draining, especially if you don’t have a good support system. And generally speaking, there’s no paycheck or bonus you will ever get from parenting.

Are you a first-time parent? Are you struggling with raising kids? We have a safe space here at Garrett Counseling where you can talk to us about all your parenting challenges. Our team will provide a listening ear and mentor you throughout the journey.



Adulthood often comes with many challenges that can disrupt normal relationships. Family dynamics, career transition, sexual exploration, self-awareness, and many other areas. As such, you need to seek outside counseling and support from a renowned professional therapist. Garrett Counseling has three designated locations that primarily cater to adult needs in Jasper, Alabama. Our experienced counselors are ready to serve all your needs.



Garrett Counseling offers the following services to transform, grow, and thrive your family relationships:


Parent Education and Development

We have a family services program where we offer a 12-week therapy for parents who wish to acquire more knowledge and skills on parenting. Parenting education is not only meant for parents of children with deviant behavior but also a good opportunity for new parents, parents-to-be, or those with kids of any age.


Family Counseling

We know that families are different, and each family system has its own beliefs and values. Garrett Counseling has your back if you struggle with family concerns like co-parenting, blended family struggles, challenging children, etc. We are here to encourage and support you until you resolve all your issues.


Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is necessary for struggling relationships to heal old wounds and start a new life. We understand that different partners have different needs, and breaking up is common if you don’t peacefully resolve your problems. Whatever the obstacles affecting your relationship, we are here to provide the support you need to build intimacy and harmony. Don’t let them fade away!


What Can You Expect?

If you ever feel stuck in a relationship or are struggling with indecision, then it’s time you visit a therapist. Our marriage and family counselors in Jasper, Alabama, will offer you the tips you need to sustain a stable and happy relationship.

When you reach out to us, we will connect you with a licensed and vetted therapist who will listen to your issues and give you a way forward. You will schedule an appointment with them for a whole session. We also have an option for real-time live video interaction for individuals who prefer to attend counseling in the comfort of their space.

Our sessions take place in cozy and private rooms in the presence of only you and the therapist. Our therapeutic environment is free from environmental stressors like noise and other distractions to ensure you are comfortable. We ensure that clients are free to talk to us about anything and everything.


Ready To Start Your Therapy Sessions?

Life is already complicated; relationships shouldn’t be! Whether you are looking for parenting, family, or couple’s counseling, Garrett Counseling is here to help. Our team will help you establish a solid, long-lasting relationship free from the usual challenges. Take the next step by calling or filling out our contact form on our website.