More myths about therapyIf you read our first couple blogs on myths about therapy, welcome back! Local counselors are very familiar with the rumors swirling around the concept of therapy. Hence the reason we are continuing our articles on myths to educate the general public.

I Just Lay on a Couch While the Therapist Takes Notes

Although lounging on a couch sounds pretty comfy, that is a scene portrayed in a movie, not in reality. Typically, there are chairs, sofa, or a loveseat in the room where you meet, and the counselor will give you an option. Who knows? There might even be a beanbag chair! Choose where you are most comfortable. It could be on the seat closest to the door, or you may be comfortable sitting right across from your therapist. It’s all about you being comfortable in your environment. You should never feel intimidated by or inferior to your counselor.

Therapists Can Fix My Problems In a Couple Visits

That’s a nope! Think about this. Say you gain 15 pounds over the course of a year. Can you lose that 15 pounds if you work out for two days? Life experiences leave wounds and scars over the course of time. In return, it will take time to process those experiences and get to the root of the issue. Once you get through the layers of the problem(s), it’s time to begin healing.

That means learning and integrating coping mechanisms into your daily life. Repetitive use of these new methods will ensure they are instilled and effective. If something suggested doesn’t work for you, then let your therapist know and they can help you approach your issue from a different angle. Healing is a process. Just like a cut takes time for your physical body to heal, same for your mind. When it has been wounded, it will take time to heal.

Local Counselors Debunk the Myths About Therapy at Garrett Counseling

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