Are you worried about how others will perceive you if your child attends therapy? Are you afraid once your child starts therapy they will need it forever? Believe it or not, receiving child therapy doesn’t mean you or your child are crazy. Stay with me here, and we’ll debunk other myths about therapy.

myths about therapy


Educating the public is part of why we have this section on out website. It’s impossible to share everything about every possible situation regarding counseling, however, today we will dig into a few of the most common.

  1. Once you start, it’s forever. The only way this would be true is if you have an inadequate, just plain old bad therapist. An experienced therapist will have goals so you (or your child) can reach a final session. Therapy is a guide to help your child through specific events or stages of life. Once your child is equipped with the tools they need to successfully cope, it is up to them to open that toolkit and pull out what they need when they need it. Self-sufficiency is the goal – not dependency.
  2. Therapy doesn’t work. For someone who may have had a bad experience with the wrong therapist, this myth is understandable. However, that doesn’t make it true. When you do the research and find a therapist appropriate for your child’s needs and whom you are comfortable with, there will always be a level of accomplishment.
  3. Only crazy kids need therapy. A child therapist is very similar to a school teacher. A teacher receives training and a degree for a specific age group. They are considered experts in that field for those children. A child therapist receives training and a degree also for specific age groups, yet they take their education a step further to specialize in certain behaviors or mental health disorders. They are experts in the psychology and behaviors of children.

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