OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center

OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety are both common mental health conditions. OCD is characterized by having obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. On the other hand, anxiety is characterized by worry and fear.

These mental health conditions are treatable. However, finding the right professionals who specialize in OCD and anxiety treatment can be tricky. Garrett Counseling is your solution if you or your loved ones are dealing with OCD and anxiety. We will help you gain control by providing the support you require to change your life.

Our OCD and anxiety treatment center has a team of trained counselors and professionals who can help cope with and manage different behavioral problems and circumstances impacting our daily lives.

Who is OCD and Anxiety Treatment for?

OCD and anxiety can affect children, teens, and adults.

Our team at Garrett Counseling is well equipped to attend to different age groups ranging from children to adults as well as families. 

How can you know if you have OCD or anxiety?

OCD manifests itself in various ways, including unwanted thoughts repeatedly occurring in your mind that can trigger anxiety or uneasiness. This is followed by an act (compulsion) that makes you feel you need to do something to relieve the turmoil brought about by the unwanted thoughts.

OCD can stem from various sources, which include:

On the other hand, if you or your loved ones constantly find yourselves:

This could be anxiety.

Some of the known causes of anxiety include.

Remedies such as breathing exercises, journaling, talking to loved ones, mindfulness, and meditation can relieve anxiety. An anxiety treatment center is the best starting point for getting back on track.

What you can expect

Our team of professionals can help you know the triggers of your OCD and anxiety and understand your reactions. Our counselors and mental health professionals develop tailor-made programs and plans for you. Some of the popular approaches are;

Our OCD and anxiety treatment center offers both in-person and online appointments.


If you need assistance managing your OCD and anxiety or want more information, our OCD and anxiety treatment center in Boaz, Alabama, is a great starting point. Complete the contact us form, and we will reach out with more information. Our mental health experts and professionals are ready to guide you on your journey towards mental wellness.