Extreme fear manifests into a phobia that requires phobia counseling. The feeling of fear varies and depends on the feeling, situation, place, or object. Humans have a natural urge to prepare for or avoid danger.

Phobia can affect your health and your relationships with those around you. It is an anxiety disorder that affects anyone regardless of age, sex, and social background.

Phobia counseling in Huntsville, Alabama involves decreasing your anxiety and fear in a gradual and controlled way. Our professional counselors at Garrett Counseling can help you develop new thoughts and behavior patterns to promote your well-being.

Below are four specific phobias that need phobia counseling

  • Natural phobia – fear of natural elements such as nature, weather, and natural events that humans have no control over.
  • Injury phobia – fear of physical injuries.
  • Animal phobia –  a fear of specific animals or insects.
  • Situational phobia –  the fear of specific situations, for example, fear of heights, fear of closed or open spaces.

Cognitive behavior therapy for phobias

Cognitive behavior therapy involves guiding individuals to help them reconsider how they process situations. This in turn helps them deal with anxiety better.

The focus is on the specific thoughts and beliefs that lead to a phobia. When faced with a scary situation, people tend to imagine the worst result.

However, that is not reality. Cognitive behavior therapy helps an individual identify and curb inaccurate thought patterns.

Benefits of cognitive behavior therapy for phobias

  • Realize when you’re experiencing a phobia.
  • You can recall that the episode will end soon.
  • You notice the thoughts that accelerate your fear.
  • You can replace the inaccurate thoughts with accurate ones.

At Garrett Counseling, our therapists help you to identify the underlying issues that cause you anxiety. This helps you better understand your phobia.

Exposure therapy for phobias

In exposure therapy, therapists train their clients in relaxation techniques to apply when they feel stressed.

A second method is a systematic desensitization, where a therapist exposes the client to situations that provoke fear. The level of the situation is least scary to most scary.

The exercise aims to bring the client closer to their fear gradually. The process begins in your imagination and is then represented visually, for example, through drawings and photographs.

As you approach each representation, the therapist helps you to calm your anxiety. The end goal is to desensitize a specific phobia.


If you self-diagnose phobia, it is advisable to seek professional phobia counseling. Garrett Counseling offers phobia counseling in Huntsville, Alabama

At Garrett Counseling, clients find the best mental health professionals to suit their needs. However unique your situation is, there is a solution. You will receive the best tools and guidance to overcome your phobia.

Seek to conquer your phobia and enjoy your life to the fullest! Call Garrett Counseling or fill out our contact form and start your phobia counseling for a better life today.