Children are resilient. How many times have you heard that? There is some truth to that statement. However, children are not immune to trauma and the lasting effects it can have. If you are concerned that your child may be dealing with something you aren’t equipped to handle, you should contact a child therapist.

child therapist with tween

They’re Young – They’ll Be Fine

This is a common misconception among adults when it comes to children who have experienced a big change, loss, or traumatic event. Years do not heal all pain, especially if it is something that caused a significant impact on the child’s life. If you’re not quite sure what could have such a negative lasting impact on a young child, keep reading.

What Could Be So Bad?

One of the biggest impacts on a child’s life is divorce. Parents may think it’s what is best for the children when, in fact, it tears their world apart and leaves wounds of divorce trauma. It creates a level of stress a young child is not equipped to deal with. Another life event that leaves an unspeakable hurt no matter what the child’s age is the death of a parent or sibling. Grief therapy is an important step in helping your child process such a huge loss. It also gives them the tools to handle future losses of any magnitude in an emotionally healthy way.

Experienced Child Therapy Professionals at Garrett Counseling 

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