Relationship Counselor

Relationship CounselorWorking with a relationship counselor will help you work through problems or concerns in your relationships and help you work toward personal goals.

Can I Benefit From Relationship Counseling?

If you are interested in relationship counseling, but aren’t sure if it is what you are looking for. Below are a few questions you can to help you make the best decision:

  • Do you find it difficult to express your feelings to your partner?
  • Do you find that you and your partner fight and disagree frequently?
  • Do you or your partner experience withdrawal or criticize each other with contempt?
  • Have you experienced a very stressful event?
  • Do you and your partner have a difficult time making decisions?
  • Do you or your partner have difficulty trusting each other?
  • Do you want to build a stronger relationship?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, relationship counseling could be beneficial for you.

What To Expect

Your relationship counselor will begin by identifying your history and sources of the problems you are concerned about. Then, you will work to identify the best solutions. You can expect sessions to be interactive between you and your counselor.

Your counselor may meet with each partner individually, as well as the two of you together.

Get Started

You can learn more about working with our team, as well as schedule your first session by calling (256) 239-5662. Relationship counseling is offered at all of our locations – Albertville / Boaz, Huntsville, Jacksonville, Jasper, & Online.

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