A relationship counselor is a professional who practices psychotherapy with expertise in listening, empathizing, and advising in relationships and individual challenges. At Garrett Counseling, our experienced relationship counselor will help you deal with difficulties in your relationships and guide you to prosperous personal and relationship growth.

In the modern day, the stresses of daily life can take a toll on us. We might find ourselves expressing our frustrations to those around us and cause conflicts. Such conflicts may seem impossible to solve. However, a competent relationship counselor helps you work through your problems and relate better with your loved ones.

The primary role of a relationship counselor is to facilitate change by helping improve communication and relations between people. They analyze the issues facing individuals, how it affects their relationship and how best to resolve the issues. It is not an easy process, but a couple in conflict can reach an amicable understanding with the right attitude.

It is important to note that relationship counseling is not exclusively for people with relationship problems. It is advisable that people in healthy relationships too seek relationship counseling to improve their communication and connect better.

Who needs the services of a relationship counselor?

Contrary to popular belief, seeking relationship counseling is not only for when you face relationship problems. You should seek relationship counseling to prevent a storm even when all is rosy. However, below are some signs you need to talk to a relationship counselor.

  • You find it difficult to express your feelings to your partner
  • You constantly fight and can’t seem to solve your disagreements
  • You experience withdrawal, criticize each other with contempt
  • You have experienced a very stressful event
  • You find it difficult to make decisions together
  • You don’t trust each other
  • You want to build a stronger relationship

There are many reasons to seek relationship counseling, all of which are valid. For some couples, relationship counseling starts right after they get married. It builds a good foundation for their marriage and prevents serious relationship problems from arising in the future. If you seek marriage counseling in Jasper, Alabama, Garrett Counseling, the best relationship-counseling center, is here.

Face-to-face counseling may cause anxiety or is inconvenient for some people. Hence, we recommend online counseling sessions. Online marriage counseling is an excellent alternative for people in long-distance relationships, living in different locations, or separated. It helps all parties participate in the process and resolve any issues. Couples can access relationship counseling via online video sessions, chats, and phone calls.

What can you expect from a relationship counselor?

A relationship counselor starts by identifying the history and sources of the problems before deciding on the best solution. The sessions are interactive, where the counselor asks you questions depending on the discussion topic. Some basic questions are about your childhood, your family, and your past relationship experiences.

The counselor may start by talking to each individual separately to understand their perspective. They will then talk to both of you together to compare your views. However, the process and approach entirely depend on the style and training of your relationship counselor.

Things to keep in mind

The success of the counseling sessions depends on your counselor and your willingness and cooperation. You need the help; therefore, you must put in the work. Below are a few tips for practical sessions with your counselor.


A competent and professional counselor is not judgmental. Therefore, speak your truth without fear of judgment. It may not be easy, but it is required for them to get a picture of reality.

You will get uncomfortable:

You will get to discover new things about yourself and your partner. The truth may be unraveling. It will not be all smiles at all times. Remember that you want to improve yourself and your relationship. Therefore, be prepared to take harsh realities and criticism positively. Your counselor will guide you to acknowledge these issues and get past them.


Learn to understand rather than hear. Understand what your partner or whoever you attend the counseling sessions with is saying. Understand where they are coming from. Do not be defensive and insist on being right. Accept the problems presented with grace. It will make the process easier for your counselor and helpful for you.


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