Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a form of “talk therapy” for individuals or couples to work through sex-related concerns with the help of a therapist. These concerns may be medical, psychological, personal, or otherwise.

Who Is Sex Therapy For?

Individuals may choose to go through sex therapy alone, while others may come with their partner. When clients are unsure if they should bring their partner, the counselor can help the client with that decision. Sex therapy is used to address many concerns that may be impacting an individual or couple’s sexual satisfaction. When asked, Sex Therapist Leah Simmons, MS, LPCS, RPTS said, “I use Sex Therapy to address pelvic pain, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving orgasm, intimacy concerns, shame, non-traditional relationships/families, LGBTQQIA areas of concern, BDSM/KINK and poly/open relationships.”

What To Expect From Sex Therapy

During sessions, you and your therapist will work through the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are affecting your sex life. You will also learn coping skills that you can use in the future. We know that discussing sex and sexual concerns can be difficult, and your counselor will work to provide a safe, comfortable environment. Your counselor will probably ask you questions about your background, beliefs about sex, and any specific sexual concerns. From there, you and your counselor will work on a treatment plan for moving forward.

Benefits Of Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be beneficial for most sexual concerns, and it can improve communication and satisfaction in relationships. Medical News Today says that not only does sex therapy address causes of sexual concerns, but it also can help clients gain a better understanding of both sex and pleasure.

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