It is natural for a child to experience some level of fear or worry throughout their young life. However, when those emotions interfere with activities of daily living, the problem may run deeper. Since opening our location in Huntsville, anxiety counseling is one of the most prevalent types of therapy we treat. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that could be indicators of anxiety in your child.

pediatric anxiety counseling Huntsville

Typical symptoms of anxiety present as what is called “fight, fight, or freeze” response. This is the body’s natural response to a frightening or stressful situation. As an experienced adult, you recognize the symptoms: your heart starts racing. Breathing becomes rapid or difficult. Sweating ensues. Muscles tense. A child may react in the same way. However, they may instead become clingy or have a tantrum. Perhaps declare an upset stomach or headache, and they may startle easily. A child living with anxiety disorder may have trouble sleeping or be afraid to go to school or into a new social situation. The good news is that anxiety counseling can help!

Treatment for Anxiety in Children

The most common method of treating anxiety in children is the same as adults – talk therapy. Talk therapy is an evidence-based treatment method proven to be effective in helping children with anxiety. This incorporates several approaches including the following:

  • Changing negative thinking to positive thinking.
  • Teaching your child the tools they need to cope with social skills.
  • Learning about past experiences that could be the root of your child’s anxiety.
  • Educating your child on living in the moment (mindfulness).

Depending on the child’s age, play therapy and art therapy may be part of their anxiety counseling in Huntsville.

Compassionate Counseling in Huntsville 

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