Do you or your child have trouble paying attention? Maybe you bounce from one topic to another during a conversation or have trouble staying in one spot for very long. If this sounds like you or your child, it’s possible you could benefit from therapy for ADHD.

therapy for ADHD

Knowing the Difference 

With family schedules getting busier all the time, it’s very easy to overlook certain diagnoses. ADHD (attention deficit disorder) is a common diagnosis that is getting more attention. However, all too often, if it is suspected, the first call to action is usually medication. Although helpful, not every parent wants their child (or themselves) to be on medication. Fortunately, ADHD can be managed in many cases with therapy. So how do you know, for example, when your short attention span is more than a stress-related issue? Let’s take a look at some signs and symptoms of ADHD.

  • Difficulty staying on task or completing projects
  • Unable to focus, easily distracted
  • Regularly losing things like glasses or keys
  • Forgetful and making careless mistakes
  • Failure to complete work tasks (or homework for children)
  • Disorganized and poor time management

Additional signs and symptoms of ADHD include those of hyperactivity as well such as the following:

  • Excessive talking
  • Unable to sit still, fidgets
  • Often interrupts others or immaturely blurts out before knowing what’s being asked/said
  • Seems to just always “go”
  • Very little patience such as waiting in line, waiting for a turn (children), or participating in a leisure activity

Garrett Counseling Offers Therapy for ADHD

The decision for medication is between you and your medical professionals. Sometimes it is necessary. However, if you are looking for alternative ADHD treatment, request an appointment here, or call (256) 239-5662 today. We have child counselors in Huntsville, Jacksonville, and Boaz. For your convenience, we also offer therapy for ADHD virtually. Don’t delay. Give Garrett a call today!