Past relationships can either help or hurt you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective. There is always a lesson to be learned even if the relationship ended on good terms. Whether you have had the experience of a previous relationship or have only been an observer of others in theirs, opinions are created, good and bad. To help ensure a lasting relationship in your future, it is best to begin the journey with optimal mental health and curb any unhealthy perspectives or habits through the help of adult therapy.

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Tips for a Happy and Healthy Everafter

Every individual is unique in their life experiences and the aftereffects of what they have been through. If you are holding onto baggage or just wanting to be sure you are going into your new relationship with realistic expectations, Boaz counseling services can help. In the meantime, here are a few pointers to help guide you in the right direction.

  1. Focus on the present. Remember, your new partner wasn’t the one who hurt you before. It’s important that you don’t treat them as if they were. Take one day at a time enjoying the “getting to know them” phase. Don’t let thoughts of the future and what “could” happen rob you of the time you have right now in the present moment.
  2. Be responsive. Being in tune with your partner’s needs and feelings shows that you are responsive to them. This helps build a strong foundation to a lasting relationship.
  3. Make sure you’re in it for the right reasons. Simply put, are you attracted to them or just the idea of a relationship?

Healthy Relationships Start with Huntsville, Jacksonville or Boaz Counseling Services

Every relationship teaches us something. However, you don’t want to bring baggage from an old one into the new one. Don’t let past hurts get in the way of a healthy relationship. Adult therapy can help you start your new relationship with a clean slate. We also offer services for young adult counseling. Call our Huntsville, Jacksonville or Boaz counseling services at (256) 239-5662or click today to schedule your consultation with one of our relationship experts.