Staying Connected To Your Partner During COVID-19

Unprecedented times, like the current stay-at-home orders, can add stress to our relationships with those we love. When learning to make adjustments like working from home or spending more time at home, it’s understandable that people are asking the question, “How can my partner and I stay connected during the coronavirus ‘lockdown’?” We put together a few ideas that may help you strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Create Quality Time Together

While “dates” will look different during this time of quarantine, it is still just as important to be intentional about quality time for you and your partner. Couples and Sex Therapist, Leah Simmons says, “For our couples in lockdown, it is important to remind them to create quality time together, which can be with a game, movie or walk… Find ways to be creative and engage in laughter or get out of their comfort zone and have a dance party in any room in the house.”

Communicate Regularly

Communication is always important for relationships, especially during a stressful time.

Between work, kids, and other responsibilities, days can go by quickly! One way to be intentional about communicating is to have daily check-ins. Set a time each day, maybe after the kids go to bed, to check in with your partner about their day. Ask questions like “How are you feeling?” or “How can I support you?” Take this time for each of you to really listen to one another and to communicate your emotions, anxieties, needs, etc.

If both partners are working from home, it may be a good idea to spend just a few minutes each morning reviewing work schedules. This can be especially useful if one or both of you are conducting meetings over video or phone calls!

Leah Simmons says, “If couples want to find new ways to communicate they can create a time to watch Brene Brown’s Call to Courage on Netflix and identify how they can engage in better communication.”

Remember Self-Care

Most likely, you and your partner are not accustomed to being in the house together all day, every day! Leah Simmons says, “It is important for each of them to have some alone time and engage in self-care for themselves so they can better connect with their partner.” Taking time alone to engage in self-care will provide each of you a chance to recharge and reflect, which will strengthen your relationship!

This pandemic is a new experience for all of us, and we are here for you as you navigate it. If you find your relationship needing additional help, please reach out to your counselor or contact us.